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Barister Babu 5th February 2021 Episode starts with Anirudh scolding Bondita. He says I was waiting for you, but you didn’t come, you had fever, you ate the kulfis and fell ill, I told the society leader that Bondita will come to encourage the girls, but you made a joke of me, why are you doing this, is someone teaching you. Bondita says I was eating kulfi because…. Sampoorna comes. He says don’t stop her, I want to know why is she learning to lie. He asks Bondita to answer him. Trilochan comes. Anirudh says you got quiet when you had to say the truth, tell me, why did you eat so many kulfis, answer me. Trilochan says this is my house, not your court, can’t you see her, our haveli used to look bright by her laugh, I feel someone snatched her smile, can’t you see her sad face, no need to go to school or do any work in the house, she can take a leave for 2 days, I want her to get fine till Saraswati puja.

Anirudh says Bondita has to go for her exams, Sampoorna will do the puja. Trilochan says no way, Bondita will be doing the puja. Anirudh says that’s why Bondita wasn’t answering, to fall ill and not go to school, you want this, you want to insult Sampoorna. They argue. Bondita cries and says Trilochan never told me to do anything to insult Sampoorna, ask yourself, why don’t you understand the family, why did you change so much, why don’t you trust the family. Trilochan says she is saying right, you changed, I m glad that Bondita didn’t change. He taunts Sampoorna.

Its morning, Sampoorna asks Bondita to look at the plant, her shadow has burnt the plant. Bondita says Tulsi has fade down. Sampoorna says think what will happen if your shadow falls on any family member, this disease is bad, do you want this to happen with everyone, go and tell him. Bondita asks will this go away soon. Sampoorna says yes, you have to keep patience. Mami says we have built a wall between Anirudh and Bondita, we have to make a valley between Trilochan and Bondita, we have to make her strength away, you will be doing Saraswati puja aarti. Sampoorna says I wish Bondita supported me instead Trilochan, we would have ruled on this haveli, but she chose my enemy, she is also like my enemy, Bondita has chosen this pain herself. Mami smiles. Anirudh and Bondita think of each other and get sad. Rishta tera mera…..plays…

Anirudh says you don’t trust me, you aren’t telling me anything, you are hiding things from me, what’s the reason. He cries. Bondita’s pic falls. He sees the letter pieces. He picks it and reads. He says its Bondita’s handwriting. Bondita sees the pic and talks to him. She recalls Anirudh teaching her. FB shows Anirudh teaching her. She says when this telephone rings, the people can talk because of the connection, but we have a wireless connection, how do you that I need you. He says I also get a ring in my heart when you recall me and miss me, I get a call from my heart, that Bondita is calling me. She tries to hear it and says yes, I can hear it. He says that’s heartbeat. They laugh. FB ends.

Bondita says I miss you, I wish you could come. Anirudh comes to her. She cries. He says I didn’t come to scold you, I want you to choose the right path, you know your destination, you have to become barrister babu Bondita. He says you can read the books, check it, I m leaving it here. She turns to him. He says Bondita, I can stay upset, angry, happy or unhappy, I will always support you in studies, if you have any doubt, you can come to me. Bondita recalls Sampoorna and Anirudh’s words. She thinks I can’t risk Anirudh’s life.

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Telecast Date:5th February 2021
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