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Barister Babu 4th October 2021  Episode starts with Bondita saying the witness will give the statement, the identity will be just known to the judge, no one else. Subodh thinks she has well prepared, I will see her. He says I have to ask something. Bondita says you may ask them later. Subodh asks the girls why did they get late to come, when they are true. Tapur says I didn’t had courage, when Bondita insisted me to say. Subodh says Bondita has forced them to give the statement. He confuses Tapur.

Bondita says Subodh is trying to feed his words into my witness. Subodh says when a woman comes to tell about her personal secret, it means its related to her respect, you mean you and Chandrachur had illegitimate relation, Anirudh has helped you. Bondita says I object, its wrong to raise a finger at my witness’s character. Subodh sees Tapur tensed and thinks she is the real witness. He asks what kind of clothes did you wear that night, was your body part seen through that clothes, was your blouse tight, did you want to attract Chandrachur.

Anirudh gets angry. Bondita says I object. Subodh says when Anirudh came there, how did he see you, did you had saree on your body or not, when Anirudh saved you, on which part of your body did Chandrachur keep his hand. Bondita says I object, he is scaring my witness. Subodh says if she has come to say the truth, then she should say it, she didn’t lose her respect, someone lost his life, she can run away,

she has to tell us, was there anyone else except Anirudh and Chandrachur, was there any love game going on between Anirudh and her, that Chandrachur had witness. Bondita says you are saying a lie. She asks Tapur to say the truth, she is with her. Tapur says that night….

Subodh says Bondita is trying to pressurize the witness. Judge says your witness will have to answer Subodh. Tapur says Chandrachur was in that room, Anirudh came… Subodh says Anirudh came and saw you with Chandrachur, it means they both fought for you. Tapur says yes. Subodh says it was a fight between two men for one woman, there is nothing like losing respect. Tapur says its not right, Chandrachur…

Subodh asks did you love Chandrachur, do you love Anirudh. Bondita says I object. Subodh asks Tapur to say the truth, what relation did she had with Chandrachur, what relation she has with Anirudh. Tapur says I don’t want to say anything, forgive me, I don’t want to tell any truth, its my mistake, I should have not come there. Tapur and the girls run out. Trilochan and all the people come in. Subodh says you gave little bit of courage to your witness, you said you are a storm.

Subodh taunts Bondita. He goes to Anirudh and talks dirty things. Anirudh gets angry and catches his collar. He scolds Subodh. Judge shouts order, order…. Bondita asks Anirudh to stop. Anirudh says I can’t stop, Chandrachur had tried to molest that girl, this man had insulted her, he is a devil, I will kill him. Subodh goes to his table and drinks water. He says I rest my case, my intention was not to insult a woman, but to prove that this man is mad, if he can threaten me in the court, then can’t he kill Chandrachur, his mad stories are famous.

Subodh says you got fake witness, your lie won’t work, truth is Anirudh has killed Chandrachur in his anger. The judge says the last hearing will be on Vijay Dashami day, if Bondita doesn’t get any proof, then the verdict will be given, the court is adjourned till next hearing. Bondita meets Anirudh in the jail. She says I have lost today. He says no, you have prepared well, you are a good barrister, you couldn’t fall low as that barrister, Tapur had fallen weak, don’t force her to come in the court.

She asks what will I do then, there is no way to save you. He says there will be some way, I want you to win this case, your win will create history, if you don’t win, then no girl will dare to become a barrister, girls will study and give an answer to the men, you will be their ideal. She says yes, I will find the truth, lie’s Raavan will burn on Vijay Dashami, I promise, I will not stop and lose until I find a proof for your innocence.

At home, Bondita cries and prays for Anirudh. She does the aarti. Somnath comes and says police has given Chandrachur’s belongings. Bondita checks. She recalls Thakumaa’s words. Thakumaa says I will make a new ring for you. Chandrachur says no, this old ring was given to me by Baba, it protects me, I will not remove this. Bondita thinks why didn’t that ring come. She says I will keep this with me. Tupur looks on and thinks Bondita can reach the truth. Bondita thinks is this the clue that will connect the broken link.

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