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Barister Babu 4th July 2021 Episode starts with Anirudh ending the call. Chandrachur thinks I have created a rift between Anirudh and Bondita, they can never connect back. Bondita calls again. She gets sad. Anirudh goes back to the dining table and eats the food. She says what did I do that he can’t end his rigidity and instead break my heart. The girl asks Anirudh to come in her doll’s marriage. Anirudh takes the dolls and sends her. Chandrachur asks Bondita to come and have food. Bondita says no, I will stand here all day and night, I won’t go until I talk to Anirudh. Thakumaa says its waste to time to explain a fool, everyone get to work, let her do her tapasya. Bondita calls Anirudh again. Someone answers. She says you understood that you can’t stay away from your Bondita, I want to meet you, I m stubborn and determined like you, you have to listen to me. The girl Shashwati laughs and says I m Shashwati.

She reminds Bondita her words. She says I know everything about you. Bondita asks did Anirudh tell you. The girl says no, how will he say, he doesn’t talk much. Bondita says I will meet Anirudh. The girl says mum says enemies can’t meet. Bondita says I can give my life and meet the enemies, where is Anirudh now. The girl says court. Bondita smiles and thanks Durga Maa. She says I will go to court now, Arjun will get his Krishna. She goes to the court. The guard stops her from going on. She says I m Barrister Bondita Das. He asks what a joke, I didn’t see a girl becoming a barrister before. She asks him to stop breathing, since he didn’t see air. She goes in. The men laugh at her. The man says there are many cases here, but you won’t get it, none will show faith on a woman. She says fine, don’t give the case, get habitual to see me. She thinks what will I do now. She hears two men talking about Anirudh. She runs to them and says I can fight the case for you, I m a barrister, I have studied abroad, who else is left to take your case. The men turn to leave. She convinces them.

She comes to Anirudh and says barrister bahu, its a court’s custom that both the barristers shake hand before the case. They shake hands. She says you can’t get rid of me. He says its good that you focus on imp things. Bondita says I m focussing on imp thing, I didn’t wear the robe when I received the degree, make me wear it and fulfill our dream. He smiles and takes the barrister coat. He makes her wear it.

She asks why are you silent. He says I was thinking if you look good in this barrister robe or it looks good on you. She says I think we both look good together. He says I was talking about this barrister robe. Her dream ends. She asks the men to give their papers. The man says no need, when Anirudh heard that you want to fight the case, he has settled the case out of court. She says I know why you did this, I will fight the case in front of you. She writes a letter. She sees Anirudh leaving in his car. She rides her cycle and follows. She calls him out. A man comes in front of the car. Anirudh stops the car. Bondita borrows an umbrella from a man. She tucks the umbrella to the car. She asks Anirudh to listen to her. She throws the note. He throws it away. She says I knew you will do this, don’t send the last paper, I will come to Tulsipur to read that. He stops the car. She thinks will he read my letter or throw it. She tears the flower petals and looks at him.

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Telecast Date:4th July 2021
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