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Barister Babu 31st May 2021 Episode starts with Thakumaa asking Bondita to tolerate the pain, she is a woman and its her fate. Bondita recalls Anirudh’s words. She lies in pain. She feels thirsty. She shouts to ask for some water. Tupur says we also stay here during periods, we take the water kept inside, I won’t break Thakumaa’s rules for you. Tapur comes and asks what happened. Bondita asks for water. Tapur says I can’t give you water, I m scared of Thakumaa’s punishment, I will open the door, you go out and drink water, forgive me. Bondita recalls Thakumaa’s words and stops. She says Thakumaa asked me not to come out, but I need water, else I will faint. She goes out and drinks water. Thakumaa comes and breaks the pot. She scolds Bondita for stepping out. Anirudh comes and looks on. Thakumaa says you touched the water pot and made it impure. Bondita says I would have fainted without water. Thakumaa asks what if you had died, it doesn’t matter. Anirudh thinks how is she talking being a woman herself. Bondita asks how will I take a bath.

Thakumaa asks her not to take a bath until her periods get over. Bondita says but its imp to keep body clean. Thakumaa says its imp to clean your mind, Anirudh filled dirt in your mind. Anirudh thinks of some idea. Bondita argues with Thakumaa. Anirudh comes in between and stops Thakumaa from beating Bondita. He says I have a way to treat her, this baba ji’s remedy will make her fine in some hours. He asks Bondita to close her eyes. He sprays some dust on her face. He acts like doing some magic. He says Bondita, act. He asks Bondita to apologize to Thakumaa. Bondita apologizes to Thakumaa and says I understood I should have not come out, I did a sin, I will never do this. Thakumaa smiles. Anirudh asks Bondita to go inside. Bondita goes. Thakumaa says its a miracle. Anirudh says its baba ji’s booti, I won’t go anywhere until Bondita gets in your control. Thakumaa asks him to go and wash all the utensils. Anirudh thanks her and goes. Thakumaa asks Rimjhim to lock the door. Rimjhim goes. Anirudh goes to do the work. He heats some rice and makes potlis of the hot rice. He thinks this will relieve Bondita’s pain. He goes to Bondita and gives the potlis.

Thakumaa calls out Roopa. Anirudh worries. Thakumaa asks what are you doing here, did you come to keep an eye on Bondita, did she sit quietly. Anirudh says yes, she won’t move now. Thakumaa says make me meet baba ji, a woman is weak during her periods, its time to control Bondita’s thinking, if you want to do a job here, then make me meet baba today, else leave from this house. Anirudh says okay, I will take you there. She says I will go and meet him on my own, give me his address. Anirudh thinks. He tells a confusing address. She says fine, I will explain him everything first and then make him meet Bondita. She goes. He knocks at the door. Bondita asks how will you get that tapasvi baba. He says yes, I have to make someone fake baba, but who. They think of Kaka. He says no, he gets angry whenever he talks to Thakumaa. She says then Bihari can help. He says yes.

Anirudh goes home and asks Bihari to become fake baba. Bihari says no, I can’t get enmity with her. Anirudh says fine, Bondita will tolerate the torture, you don’t care. Bihari says I do care. Anirudh says please help me. Bihari says I can’t go there, please, I have a friend, who acts in the plays, I will call him to play this role of fake baba. Anirudh says thanks, call him, now I can stay around Bondita, I can take her to the visa office. Thakumaa meets the baba. Rimjhim goes his aarti. Anirudh thinks Thakumaa, now I will use your belief on blind beliefs, then I can support Bondita.

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Telecast Date:31st May 2021
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