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Barister Babu 31st March 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

** Due to CoronaVirus Outbreak on Shootings Of Serials/New Episodes Have Suffered As Well **.
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Barister Babu 31st March 2020 Episode Saudamini coming to Bondita. Bondita says Anirudh asked me to drink less water, Batuk is laughing on me. Saudamini says Batuk doesn’t like you, he may tell this to his friends, who will tell it to their parents, everyone will laugh on you. Bondita imagines this and screams. She says just mum can make me fine. Saudamini says you have to tell this to Anirudh and everyone, I have a solution, anirudh has taken the challenge that you will leave this bad habit, else you will go to your mum.

Bondita says then I will lose in this and then go to my Maa, I don’t like to do this, I feel ashamed. Saudamini says you have to listen to me, don’t you trust me. Bondita says I trust you. Saudamini says Trilochan asked you not to go to kitchen and temple. Bondita asks how do you know. Saudamini thinks I can’t tell her that Binoy is with me and informs me everything. She says the maid was laughing and told me, you go to temple and then you will be allowed to leave the house, don’t worry, i will send the cart for you. Bondita says Maa asks me not to hurt anyone. Saudamini asks who will send you to your mum. Bondita says durga maa will help me, I will do what Anirudh tells me, if he is happy, then i will ask for mum. Saudamini says I have to send you out of Anirudh’s life. She sees the maid hearing them and scolds her. She goes.

Maid asks Bondita what does she want to eat. Bondita says nothing, you have laughed on me, Saudamini told me. Maid signs no. Trilochan comes and says I have come to help you with some remedy, don’t tell Anirudh, he doesn’t believe in all this. Bondita asks isn’t it wrong to hide it from him. He says just don’t tell him, I m your kaka sasur, I have raised Anirudh, will you keep wetting the bed and getting ashamed, i want your betterment, so I got this remedy from the blind baba. She asks why is the baba blind then, why didn’t he cure his blindness. He scolds her and asks her to wear the taweez. She gets scared seeing the knife. He asks maid to tie it to her arm. Maid says but it will hurt her. He says just do as i say. Maid ties the taweez and goes. He says remember, you won’t let Anirudh see or know about it. Bondita says sure. She gets hurt. He loks at her. Binoy asks why did you give her taweez, is it your responsibility to cure her. Trilochan asks why not, she is our Bahu, i m sure that this taweez will solve her problem. Binoy asks why do you want to solve the problem. Trilochan says she is our bahu, we can’t do this with her, we can fight in the family, but not have any distance in heart, i have always seen Anirudh winning and want to see him win again, i m troubled by his revolution, but he is our son, if we don’t support him, then who will support him, isn’t it our duty to support Bondita. Binoy says whatever you want to believe, she isn’t my Bahu, she is a stain on our family, I will make her away and end the stain on this family, even if I have to defeat Anirudh. Trilochan gets shocked.

Saurabh looks for Sampoorna and thinks I got a gift for her, where is she. His mum does aarti and blesses him. He gives his first earning to Munshi. Munshi asks him to give it to his mum, Surmani. He gives the money to Surmani. Biraj looks on. Surmani thinks Saurabh got gajra for bahu with his earnings, but i won’t let her wear it. She says I will keep it in temple. Saurabh says I will keep it. He goes and gets the gajra. Surmani says is he mad to be after his wife, we provoked him so much. She taunts Biraj.

Anirudh meets the people who are important in the society. He shows the city map. He says the women have to get shy and fear to go out for bath and toilet purpose, I want to make public toilets for them. The men start laughing and joke on him. Anirudh asks do you think this is a joke. The men say we will leave, limit your foreigner thinking. The men argue and ask will the women agree to use the public toilets. They ask anirudh to get approval by some women. Anirudh agrees. Binoy looks on.


Barister Babu 1st April 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Trilochan taunts Bondita and makes her sit down to eat food. Bondita asks why does he regard Ghar ki Laxmi weak. Anirudh asks her not to eat sweets, else she will feel thirsty for water.

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