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Barister Babu 30th July 2020 Episode with Anirudh asking Maa if she knows the solution for Bondita’s problem. Maa thinks of Bondita and Trilochan’s words. She says there is just one way. He asks her to say. Trilochan says will she go against her word, did I do a mistake by trusting her. She says I have to take Bondita with me. She cries. Anirudh asks what are you saying. She says yes, does anyone know the cure for her problem, when will she get fine, her Sasural can’t be unhappy because of her problem, I didn’t get a chance to tell this at the time of marriage, it will be better that I take her with me. Anirudh says it won’t be right, I just know this, she will not go anywhere. Maa says it will be better for her, you and your family also. He says I have taken her responsibility, when I will see myself in mirror, won’t I feel lost, sorry I will not listen to you now.

He asks her to stay back for some days and give the love to Bondita. Maa cries. He says you may take this as my stubbornness, but Bondita won’t go anywhere. Trilochan stops her and says you promised me, you remember. She nods. He says its not easy to explain Anirudh, there is less time, just take Bondita with you. Bondita asks Maa to see the shagun, her Sasural people has sent it through Saudamini. She says I m the bahu of this house. Maa gets sad. Bondita asks the matter. Maa thinks of Trilochan’s words. Saudamini says you got many gifts, but you didn’t get any gift from Anirudh. Bondita asks does husband also gives a gift today, is there any ritual. Saudamini says yes, Anirudh should give you a gift, if not, then you should take it. They laugh. Bondita goes to get the gift. Saudamini thinks he will get angry on you. She says I will get food for you. Maa says no.

Anirudh thinks to find some way, he can’t send Bondita back to her village. Bondita comes. She asks for a gift. He smiles and says return my book. She says I won’t give. She runs and laughs. He says you will get scolded if the book gets torn. Bondita asks will you scold your wife on festive day. He smiles. She asks him to give her gift. He says I will give the gift, now will you give me the book. She asks whatever I ask. He says yes. She asks promise. He says promise.

Saudamini says I can understand your pain, Bondita isn’t happy here. She tells everything. She says Anirudh is stubborn. Maa says what’s right for her, staying here or leaving. Saudamini says I will want her to always stay here, I got habitual to her sweet talks and innocent laugh, but I can’t be selfish, its better for her if she leaves. Anirudh asks what gift do you want. Bondita thinks what do I want. She says Rasgulla. He says fine. She says no, I can’t eat that until my problem gets solved, many toys… He says fine. She says not that, I will spend time in talking to mum, I won’t have time to play, what shall I take. He smiles. Saudamini says Anirudh can’t see people’s pain, he doesn’t know good and bad, but we can see Bondita’s good and bad, if everyone gets to know this, then Trilochan can’t bear it, can he forgive Bondita for this, she will get to hear taunts every day. She scares Maa that Anirudh will get remarried. She says I will not give you a wrong advice, tell me if you need help. She goes.

Bondita asks Anirudh to give her time to think what gift she wants, but time isn’t her gift. He laughs. She asks him not to forget. He promises and asks her to go and think what gift she wants. She comes to Maa. She asks what gift shall I ask Anirudh. Maa thinks of his words. Bondita says we know each other well, tell me, why are you crying, are you not happy here. Saurabh says I tried to explain dad but…. Sampoorna asks will our relation break due to the greed for five goats. He says you are calling my dad greedy, your parents lied to them. Sampoorna says you are calling them liars. They argue. He asks her to ask her dad to arrange five goats and fulfill the promise. Mama says we can’t give five goats.

Mami says there is one way, Roy choudhary haveli, Anirudh respects Sumati a lot, he gave her mango farms, go and show your face to them, tell them that Sampoorna’s marriage is breaking, beg them and ask for money. Mama asks what. She says Sumati and Bondita’s heart will melt for Sampoorna, they will help. Mama goes. Sampoora cries and says my parents arranged the goats. Saurabh asks why didn’t they give it. She says they were getting Bondita married to that old man. He says they are cheaters, they cheated Bondita and her mum for money, they are greedy. She asks him not to say this. She says I will go to Maayka forever if you want. He goes. Bondita asks aren’t you happy meeting her. Maa asks will you listen to me. Bondita says yes, you think I have changed. Maa says you will ask Anirudh whatever I say, go and tell him that you want to go back to village with me, allow you to go. Bondita looks at her.

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