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Barister Babu 29th July 2020 Episode starts with Bondita saying you are really nice, I m very happy here, really. Her mum smiles and thinks what kind of mum am I, forgive me, I m going to ruin this happiness. Bihari comes. He says Trilochan has called you. Bondita says I will come along. Maa says no, I will just come. She goes to Trilochan. He asks did you pack your and Bondita’s stuff, when I shall arrange the cart, tell me, you remember why I have called you here. Anirudh sees the water pot. Bondita says I have drunk water as much as you told, really. He says its a good thing. She thanks him. He asks do I need to thank you. She says no, I m thanking you. He asks really, why.

She says you got my mum to me, I m very happy meeting her, if you say, then I will not see the water and sweets. He says I m glad to know. Maa recalls Trilochan coming to meet her and asking her to take Bondita with her. Maa says Anirudh promised to take Bondita’s responsibility, he will never let me take her. Trilochan commands her to take Bondita with her. Anirudh teases Bondita. Bondita says I won’t make mum get troubled. Maa thinks of Trilochan saying Anirudh cleans Bondita’s dirt, his life got troubled, he hurts himself.

He says I have seen his bleeding wound, you don’t understand anything. He asks her to understand that its better for both Anirudh and Bondita, if he fails to Binoy’s challenge, he will send Bondita back to you forever, I want to give another chance to Bondita, if you take your daughter before the challenge time ends, then the challenge won’t matter, Anirudh won’t be losing, if he loses and Bondita leaves, then she will never come to our house again, can Anirudh keep his responsibility, he will forget Bondita some day, once her relation breaks, will they delay in getting Anirudh remarried. FB ends. Maa cries. Bondita says Durga maa has sent Maa so that everything gets fine, I will stay with Maa here forever. She jumps happily. Anirudh smiles. She says I know you wanted to get me treated, my Maa is my treatment, I get fine when I hug her, now you can play with Saudamini. Anirudh worries. Bondita says you like being with Saudamini, right.

Trilochan says I have promised you. FB shows Trilochan telling Bondita’s mum that he loves Anirudh a lot and can’t see him breaking down, no miracle can end Bondita’s problem, just take her and explain Anirudh. He says I promise, when Bondita’s bad habit ends, I will get her back home and not let Anirudh get remarried, I will bear her expenses, now you have two ways, either wait for the puja and let Anirudh lose, forget this marriage or take her before puja and not let Anirudh lose, think of it now. FB ends. Trilochan asks what’s your decision. Maa thinks of Bondita. She says I will explain Anirudh and take my daughter with me. Bondita says you go out in the car, you like to travel, you laugh when you do mischief with Somnath and Batuk. Anirudh smiles. Their moments are seen. Rishta tera mera….plays….

Trilochan says you are smart, go and explain Anirudh, you be careful that he shouldn’t know that I told this to you, promise me. She promises to take her daughter and solve her problem, so that her marriage gets saved. She goes. Trilochan thinks now none can stop the puja from being a success. Anirudh says you think a lot for me. Bondita says I m your wife, how won’t I know. He recalls marrying Bondita. He thinks you don’t know in what situation we got married. He goes. She thinks did I say anything wrong to him.

Saurabh comes to Surmani and asks her to explain dad to forget dowry. He says we can’t let Sampoorna go for the sake of five goats. Surmani says I explained your dad, but he had beaten me badly. Munshi comes. He scolds Saurabh. Saurabh says Sampoorna is a part of this family, will we let her go. He argues. Maa talks to Anirudh about Bondita. Anirudh asks why, you can help me here and know what’s wrong with Bondita, maybe I don’t know what’s happening. Maa thinks he worries for Bondita a lot. He says Bondita healed my wound, she said her mum taught her, she is sensible, I feel she will do big things after she grows up, this problem came as a hurdle, but we will solve it, you are with us now, will you support us. Mama and mami get angry on Sampoorna.

Mami sends him out. She asks why couldn’t you control your husband, why isn’t he happy with you. She scolds Sampoorna. Biraj feels bad seeing Munshi shouting. Munshi says until we get five goats, Sampoorna won’t stay here. He asks Biraj to serve the food. Surmani says your dad is very angry, he won’t listen to anyone, he can’t bear lies and cheat, he is right, Sampoorna’s family will cheat us again, I feel bad for her, she is bearing punishment for her parents’ deeds, but what can I do, nothing. She cries. Saurabh goes. She smiles.

Anirudh says just a mum wants betterment of children. Maa thinks I know Anirudh wants her betterment, I want to support him. She thinks of Trilochan’s words.

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