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arister Babu 27th January 2021 Episode starts with Anirudh saying I can’t think Mama can manage Munshi’s position, I don’t trust him. Binoy says I think he is suitable. Bondita thinks I can’t tell you that Mami had put the rat in the bhog and blamed Trilochan. She says it will be good if Mama and Mami go to the village, they like to stay there. Mami signs Sampoorna. Anirudh says I doubt it when you are saying it, why do you want to send them, what’s the matter, tell me, are you hiding something from me, which I should know, tell me. He asks her to say it. Bondita recalls Sampoorna’s words. Sampoorna says Sumati will return home and worry seeing the empty house. Trilochan says yes, Bondita is right, we should keep family and business different.

Binoy says I think Mama can manage the work. Anirudh says a Munshi’s work is of faith and responsibility, I don’t trust him, he had sent Bondita to hira mandi. Binoy says we trusted Munshi, but he also cheated us. Anirudh asks Trilochan to explain Binoy. Trilochan says I think if we give the work to Mama, then we will be insulted. Anirudh says yes, Munshi’s work is to handle everything, I don’t think he should become Munshi. Binoy asks what are you saying. Trilochan thinks I have to do something to prove that they can’t be trusted. He says fine Binoy, we will test Mama. Binoy asks who will test him. Trilochan says Bondita will test him. Bondita says how can I decide. Mami says Bondita is young. Trilochan says yes, but she is smart, she knows maths also, she will test her Mama. Binoy says fine. Anirudh says I know she will take decision without biasing. He says Bondita will catch Mama’s mistakes if he makes it, then I won’t spare Mama. Mama says fine.

Anirudh asks Bondita why is she answering wrong. He explains the accounts basics to Bondita. The keys fall down. Bondita studies. Mama and mami look on. Mama says its good that Bondita is weak in this subject. Sampoorna comes. She asks Mama to see Mami. She asks Mami not to get foolish, don’t do anything until Bondita takes the test. Bondita is upset with Anirudh. He says sometimes responsibility is more than the burden we may handle, Kaka has given this responsibility to you, you don’t want to learn. Bondita says you always taught me that we should not doubt our capabilities, I can take up the responsibility, my courage is big, I can never lose it. Sampoorna says I want the keys at any cost. She sings a song. Maid takes care of her. Binoy comes and says I have done as you said. Sampoorna scolds Koyli and sends her out. Binoy gets angry on Sampoorna. She asks what were you saying. He says you blamed Trilochan, I asked them to make your dad the Munshi, I won’t listen to you. She says I have a proof against you, you remember the accident, right. She threatens him. He catches her neck and pushes her. She laughs. Mama asks Bondita to check the accounts.

Bondita checks. Mami tries to confuse her. Bondita thinks I don’t know these calculations. Mami asks is it fine, did you check well, will you have almonds. Bondita signs to her. She says Anirudh is right.

She goes to Anirudh. Anirudh is giving her sweets to eat. He asks her not to eat the sweets to get more. She controls her craving. He stops her again and asks her to not eat the sweets for 2 mins to get 2 more Rasgulla. She waits. He gives her two more Rasgullas. He teaches her maths this way. He explains her that they save money and invest it to multiply it. She says I understand a little bit. She smiles.

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Telecast Date:27th January 2021
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