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Barister Babu 26th March 2021 Episode starts with Bondita asking is this right. She reminds him his own words. Sampoorna smiles. Trilochan cries seeing Bondita. Bondita asks do you deserve to be called Pati babu, are you not a liar, a cheater, wrong man, you promised me, you broke the promise. Manorama worries. Bondita says you didn’t keep the seven vows. Anirudh shouts enough Bondita, don’t say a word now. She says no, you can’t silent me today, you have given me the courage to raise a voice, you have to answer me, its your right to answer my questions, its my right to get my answers. Anirudh thinks I wanted this anger to make you directed towards studies. He says yes, I have got married, look at me, this is called marriage, its called a marital relation, she is ideal wife, she doesn’t ask me anything.

He asks shall an ideal wife ask anything to her husband, no, right, shall she teach him right and wrong, no, right? Everyone looks on. He says you wanted to become an ideal wife, why couldn’t you become an ideal wife, how are you questioning me today, didn’t Kaka teach this to her. She says he taught me, but I learnt what you taught, you taught me to raise a voice against wrong. She cries.

She asks why am I wrong. He says I have taught a lot to you, but what did you choose, just becoming an ideal wife, by putting education at stake, Bondita didn’t want to go to school, but buy sindoor, you got a tattoo, you went to Shiv mandir barefoot, you wanted our relation to be like other husband and wife, its like that now, I have married twice, be happy now, there are many men who married twice, you have become an ordinary woman, you will regard husband a Lord and worship me, you will obey me, because ideal wife doesn’t question her husband, you have become so ordinary now. She cries. He says you had to become this, you should be happy, tell them that you became what you wanted. She says you answered all my questions, you said a lot, you have defeated me today by showing a dream of victory, you are very smart, barrister babu.

She asks what will you explain my mum, why did you break the promise to keep me happy always. She begs Trilochan to get Sumati home, send a car for her, send Bihari there. Sumati comes. Bondita cries and says look what Anirudh did. Sumati says I know what’s happening here, I will handle it, everything will be fine here. Bondita takes Sumati to Anirudh. She says tell him to apologize to me, he has hurt my heart, he made me cry. Sumati says forgive Bondita. Bondita gets shocked.

Sumati says Bondita is young, she told that in anger. Bondita says its his mistake, not mine. Sumati scolds Bondita. Bondita says but Maa, he had promised to keep me happy. Sumati says yes, he is doing the same, what’s the connection of your happiness and protection with his second marriage, you are wrong to point a finger at him. Anirudh recalls going to meet Sumati. He says everything is not fine, I have come to you, so that everything gets fine. He tells her everything.

He says I have a solution, marrying Manorama. She gets shocked. She asks what. He says I would not say if you refuse, listen to me, Manorama and my marriage will be a deal, we will not have any relation, like I told you, Manorama needs me, we need her, she will leave from our lives, this is the only way to save Bondita from child marriage’s bad custom, this is only way to break her hope, that I bring someone else, tell me if you want any change in plan, I had promised to make her future bright, help me Maa. She says marry Manorama, if this can break Bondita’s heart, then let it break, society has made her think to become a slave wife, your second marriage will change her thinking. She cries. FB ends.

Bondita says everything changed, my husband and my wife also changed, everyone made me alone. Sampoorna smiles. Everyone feels bad. Bondita says no one cares for Bondita. Anirudh gets sad. Rishta tera mera….plays…


Barister Babu 27th March 2021 26th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Bondita tells her mother to take her from there. Her mother tells her that she won’t take her. Anirudh tells Bondita that she has two options. Either fill admission form of the hostel or accept Manorama as a second wife and fulfill all duties that a first wife normally does.

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Telecast Date:26th March 2021
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