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Barister Babu 25th May 2021 Episode starts with Bondita saying I had sworn that I will not meet you. Anirudh asks what, Thakumaa made you promise, not me, I can meet you, she has bounded you by this promise to make you away from education goal, not from me. Bondita says yes, you are right, I have to support my goals. He says I will always show you the right path, have food fast. Bondita says I can’t have food. He asks what’s your goal, to be hungry or study. She says to study and reach the sky. He asks how will your wings get strength to fly high, food will make you energetic to fly. He feeds her food. Sampoorna says that thief had come to steal food, I have to find out about her. Bondita compliments Anirudh’s look.

Anirudh says you were going to bring out my truth by stepping on the saree. Bondita apologizes. He jokes. She says you should have not come here, if Thakumaa knows this truth then she can do anything. Thakumaa comes home. He says I know its risky, but my goal is bigger than this risk, I want to send you to London, study there and become a barrister. She asks will you come along. He says yes, I will take you there, you have to write essays as a part of admission application, I have come here to assist you, we will go away from here, Thakumaa can’t snatch your knowledge, your right to live your life, she can’t stop you from becoming a barrister. Thakumaa thinks why is Bondita’s room locked at this time. Bondita says we will celebrate, you danced like a peacock for Thakumaa, what will you do for me.

Anirudh asks shall I dance for you. She laughs and asks him to play with her. They play and dance. Thakumaa comes in, holding a gun. Anirudh hides. She says I knew it, this will happen one day. She points the gun at someone and asks who are you, what are you doing here, you have a book in your hand. She asks who has sent you here, Anirudh, right, tell me. She takes the man outside and shouts to scold Anirudh. Batuk gets scared and runs to Trilochan. Sampoorna recalls hiring the man and sending him to Bondita. She worries and thinks Thakumaa caught him, I have to hide here, I can’t go out. Bondita and Anirudh look on. Trilochan says you came to talk to me now. Thakumaa says I will never have water from your house. She taunts him. She asks him to call Anirudh. He argues with her. She says if you don’t call him, then I will drag him out. He shouts Bihari. Bihari gets a sword. Trilochan and Thakumaa get against to fight. Anirudh worries. Batuk asks Bihari to call someone. Bihari says I will call the Mukhiya. Anirudh goes out of the window. Trilochan says leave this stubbornness Kalindi.

Thakumaa says Kalindi ji, don’t think I m weak, its about my family’s respect. He says its about my family’s heir. Mukhiya comes and stops their fight. Anirudh changes his get up and comes. He asks them to stop, not be mad. Thakumaa says you think a woman’s blood is cheap, but I think her respect is of high value. Anirudh says you are mistaken, we didn’t do anything to disrespect Bondita. She asks didn’t you send this man with books. He says no. She asks the man did Anirudh send him. The man says no. She beats the man and says don’t lie. Trilochan says we are landlords, we have respect too, tell her not to come to our house. She scolds him. Mukhiya asks them not to meet each other from now. Thakumaa says I will directly punish them next time, if I come to their house, they can cut my hands, if Anirudh steps inside my house, then I will cut his hands. Bondita gets shocked.

Thakumaa says that will be justice. Sampoorna also gets scared. Thakumaa goes back home. Bondita thinks of Anirudh’s words. She cries. She goes to see him at the window. He thinks Bondita would be scared by the drama. He flickers the lights. She signals him the same way. They smile.

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