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Barister Babu 23rd March 2020 Episode Start With Saudamini saying I have to send you to your mum. Bondita says no, I have to call mum here. Bihari comes and says Anirudh has asked for something. Bondita guesses things. He says something he likes a lot, that he applied after the bath. Saudamini says perfume. Bondita worries. Saudamini says I will give it to him. She goes. Bondita thinks to stop Saudamini some how, else everyone will know. She goes. Saudamini takes the perfume. Bondita asks her to take something else. Saudamini says I know his choice. Bondita says but his choice can change. Saudamini says no, it can never change, I know it well. She takes the perfume for Anirudh. He asks why did you get it. She asks don’t I have a right. He says its not that, how did this get so less. He calls Somnath and Batuk. He asks who applied this perfume. They say we use the perfume which you gave us. Anirudh asks them to say the truth. They ask him to ask Bondita, if she has used the perfume. Anirudh asks did you apply it.

Bondita thinks if I tell the truth, everyone will know it, I can’t tell it. They hear the men shouting Binoy and Trilochan to come out. Munshi stops them. Trilochan asks them why are they shouting. The men complain about someone stealing their dhotis today. Trilochan laughs and asks how can I explain the monkeys. The men say monkey didn’t steal the dhotis, it was your bahu. Trilochan gets shocked and shouts on them. He asks them to mind their language, his bahu’s insult is his insult, how dare they blame her. The men ask for justice. Trilochan scolds them.

Anirudh sees Bondita tensed. Trilochan asks the men to leave. Anirudh stops them and says I m going to do justice. Trilochan says I have decided it. Anirudh calls Bondita and asks did she steal their dhotis. She nods. He asks why. She says to explain meaning of equality, ask them, do they not trouble women, don’t they come there during women’s bathing time, I have stolen their clothes, so they know the shame to run away, they also make the women run away, I wanted to explain them that shame is same for men and women. Anirudh smiles. The men ask will women do justice now. Bondita says yes, woman will do justice and teach a lesson, she will also punish if needed, why all the rules made for women, why not for men, why does men get all the freedom. She says if a woman breaks toy, rule or anything, she gets punishment, if a man breaks anything, he gets praised, why is it called his courage, why can’t a woman do anything by her wish, why can everyone see my stealing, and not their mistake, they laughed on the women, why can’t anyone laugh on them. She asks Anirudh to say, he only told that Lord gave everything same to men and women, why is women status less, why does women tolerate more, I have done a mistake, but this is the reason for it. Trilochan, Anirudh and Saudamini look on. Bondita asks Anirudh to say if she has done wrong. Anirudh claps for her.

He says bravo girl, I m proud of you, well said. Bondita thinks what did he answer, I think he is very angry. Saudamini thinks if Anirudh wanted this lecture, I should have done this, I m your answer. Anirudh says you have heard what she said, do you want justice, she said right and did right. Bondita smiles. Anirudh scolds the men. The man says just your wife has all the complains, no other woman raised voice, we want justice. Anirudh says first voice becomes a big voice of protest, just go before I punish you all, don’t reach the river during women’s bathing time. Munshi asks them to go. The men leave.


Barister Babu 24th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Bondita talks to Maa on call. She says I m much scared here, there is no one to tell. Saudamini asks do you wet the bed at night, you are eight years old.

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Telecast Date: 23rd March 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv and Voot


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