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Barister Babu 23rd June 2021 Episode starts with Bondita crying and accusing Thakumaa. Sumati worries. Bondita saying this pain is less than the pain of your cheat, you fed me the medicines by lying to me. Sumati cries. Bondita goes. Sumati says I did that on Thakumaa’s saying for your betterment. Trilochan comes to police station and scolds the inspector. He asks him to leave Anirudh right away. Inspector allows him to meet Anirudh. Thakumaa says Bondita got pure now, there is no problem. She gives money to pandit. She asks Pandit to get a good alliance for Bondita tomorrow itself. Pandit asks will Bondita’s ex husband do anything. She says no, I have done a favor on the inspector, he will not release Anirudh. Trilochan meets Anirudh. He asks are you fine, I will get you out of here today itself. Anirudh says I m worried for Bondita, Thakumaa promised that she will get Bondita married to someone, I have to stop her. Trilochan says I spoke to Binoy, why didn’t the call come. Inspector gets his senior’s call. Trilochan says I think you got the order to release Anirudh. Inspector says I got the order to keep him here, you can go now.

Trilochan worries. Bondita prays to Durga Maa for Anirudh. Tapur asks her to have food. She asks what happened to you, let me see. She sees Bondita’s wound. She says I will call Thakumaa to do the aid. Bondita says you won’t tell anyone about me. Bondita prays for Anirudh. Its morning, Sumati asks who will get the alliance for Bondita after so much happened. Thakumaa says I didn’t lie to anyone, Bondita’s marriage will happen. She threatens Tapur. The guy comes and sees Bondita closing the window. He smiles seeing her. Thakumaa meets the guy’s parents. She shows Bondita’s pic. She says you know everything. The man says yes, you got her Shuddikaran done, but Bondita is educated, how can you change that. Thakumaa says you can change it. She lies that she is giving a land to Bondita in dowry. Rimjhim thinks that Thakumaa is covering up her flaws. Thakumaa further tells them about dowry. Anirudh asks the constable about Trilochan. Trilochan is outside. He goes to meet Anirudh.

Anirudh says I will not stay here. He asks inspector to let him go and save Bondita. He says once I do this, then I will come back and sit here, try to understand. He shouts. Inspector goes. The groom’s family are happy with the dowry. The guy sees Bondita’s pic and says I like her. Thakumaa smiles. She stops Rimjhim. Bondita is still praying. Thakumaa says I will find a way to complete the shagun, don’t worry. She asks them to see Bondita in the mirror, she is in her Dhyaan/prayers. The lady keeps the shagun items there. They do the ritual. Bondita hears Trilochan and thinks to ask him. Trilochan apologizes to Thakumaa. She says you aren’t to see that you are hurting your own family. She says the fight just started, you lost, just wait and watch what I will do. He says you don’t hurt Anirudh and Bondita, you want me to get insulted in the village, I will apologize, but get Anirudh out of the jail. She gets the ashes and says don’t worry, its not the black colour with which you stained my character. Bondita comes and stops Trilochan. She says I won’t let you and Roy Choudhary family get insulted.

Trilochan says I will do this for you and Anirudh. Bondita cries and says no, Thakumaa’s stubbornness and ego won’t end, her heart has turned of stone, she will never change. Trilochan blesses her. He cries and leaves. Thakumaa says I got a chance to insult them, you failed me. Bondita falls down. Thakumaa sees the wound on her leg. She asks what happened to you, how. She asks Rimjhim to get the first aid box. Sumati comes and asks what happened. Bondita says this wound is given to me by you and Thakumaa, during the Shuddikaran. Thakumaa makes medicines for her. Sumati says you will get fine soon, don’t worry. Bondita says I don’t want the medicine, the wound of my heart won’t heal. Thakumaa says the wound of the heart won’t heal, else I would have healed myself, why didn’t you show this yesterday. Bondita says you aren’t seeing the poison spread by the hatred. Rimjhim scolds her. Thakumaa stops her. She says it will be a big trouble if the infection spreads. Bondita says I won’t take the medicines from Thakumaa, she has to take back the blame back and get him out of the jail. Thakumaa says I can’t do this. She asks them to catch Bondita. Bondita throws the medicines.

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Telecast Date:23rd June 2021
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