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Barister Babu 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Barister Babu 22nd October 2020 Episode starts with Rasiya saying they will not do anything to you, you are precious for her. Tara says yes, but your value is getting less with time. She calls Surayya and scares Rasiya with the sharp razor. She says you love your long hair, I m thinking to make you bald. Rasiya says don’t think about it. Tara says I don’t think but do it. Bondita says stop, I have seen this torture happening with you mom, I have seen her crying, I will wear ghungroos and dance as you say. Tara says I knew it, Rasiya will be hurt and Bondita will be hurt. She asks them to play music, Munmun will wear ghungroos and dance. Bondita wears ghungroos. Rasiya says enough of you now, I will cut my hair myself. Bondita shouts no. Rasiya says swear that you will not wear ghungroos and dance. Bondita swears to her. Rasiya says Bondita is a ray of hope, she is Maa Durga’s avatar. A man gets a letter.

The man reads about Nawab, who is very rich, he is coming to see the exhibition. Tara Bai and Surayya get glad. Anirudh makes Saurabh ready as Nawab. Saurabh wears Nawab’s clothes. The man reads the Nawab’s message for Tara Bai. Nawab says I don’t have one eye, but I can see by third eye, send my reply to Nawab. Saurabh says you will look real Nawab, I will be your servant. Anirudh says they will be keeping exhibition of Bondita, if I go and search there, then they will not feel bad, everyone will have their eye on Nawab, that’s you. Saurabh says I can’t do this. Anirudh says its about Bondita. Saurabh goes to check the door. The man says Tara has sent this letter for you. Anirudh reads the message…. if you assure me of your big heart and richness, then you are welcome here, prove it that you are ready to see our diamond’s shine, become a part of the exhibition. Bondita cries. Rishta tera mera….plays….

Saurabh asks how will we assure Tara that you are a Nawab. Anirudh says yes, we will show our richness now, we are landlords, if not Nawab. Saurabh asks will you give money to that woman, you won’t get money back. Anirudh asks is the money imp than Bondita. Saurabh asks how will we arrange money. Anirudh thinks. Bondita recalls Anirudh’s words. FB shows Anirudh playing a role in the skit with Somnath. He acts like Chandrashekhar Azad. Somnath plays the Britisher. Anirudh gets inside a box and tricks the guards. He says Bondita, he tricked the guards, he was still there in the box. FB ends. Bondita says I can also fool Tara and trouble her. Anirudh calls Trilochan and asks him to help. He says I have to hide and find out where is Bondita, I will prepare Saurabh, I can’t start this plan without your plan, Tara Bai knows real and fake gold like you, I have send her gold coins as gift to fool her, and maybe we don’t get the gold coins back, will you help me.

Bondita shouts help me, its a ghost. The man opens the door and asks what happened. She hides. She says I feel scared, can you see that ghost. They see the candle flying and get shocked. Bondita laughs. She recalls keeping the candle on the table and dragging it by the help of the cloth. She ties the cloth of either sides to her feet. She thinks I know nothing happened to Anirudh, I will come to you soon.


Barister Babu 23rd October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Bondita sees a box and says I will hide inside. Surayya looks for her. Bondita says they will look for me everywhere. Tara asks everyone to find her everywhere.

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Telecast Date:22nd October 2020
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