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Barister Babu 22nd January 2021 Episode starts with Bondita saying I will take care of the keys well. Trilochan says swear that you will never give the keys to anyone until you take my permission. Bondita swears. Sampoorna says I will take the keys any way, I will rule on this house and bring Trilochan to my feet. Anirudh says Bondita is studying hard, I m so happy. Sampoorna comes and asks Bondita to keep the jewellery back, she got everything. She acts seeing Anirudh. Anirudh says Bondita went downstairs, why are you saying that anyone will blame you, you are elder to Bondita. She says so what, Trilochan thinks I married your dad for money, my life has insult written.

Mami stands outside and hears the drama. Sampoorna says Bondita will get the rights, I m happy, she is my sister, I won’t live a respectable life as your friend wanted. He recalls Saurabh. Mami hides from Bondita. Anirudh asks Bondita to give locker keys to Sampoorna. Bondita says okay. She recalls Trilochan’s words. She says sorry, I can’t give these keys to Sampoorna, I had promised Trilochan. She says Sampoorna is your sister. She says yes, she is my Saas and sister also, but I cant give her anything that’s not mine, I trust her a lot. He asks don’t you love and respect her. She says I love her a lot, but Trilochan is the elder one, I can’t refuse to him, I can’t give the keys, Trilochan can give it to him. Anirudh says yes, he said house and keys are those responsibilities that can’t be taken as a gift, it has to be earned.

Sampoorna says Trilochan will never find me deserving. Bondita asks why are you thinking so, Trilochan was upset with me when I came here. She tells old things and laughs. She says everything changed with time, you will also win his heart soon, its very easy, if I did this without knowing any work, then you can also do it, you know all the work, he will ask me to become like you. Sampoorna thinks how shall I explain that I want to throw out Trilochan, but please him. Bondita says its your first rasoi rasam, make great bhog that Trilochan blesses you. Anirudh says you are right. He says I m sure that you will win Kaka’s heart soon, he will call you and give the locker keys, I know you will earn that respect. Sampoorna goes. Anirudh asks Bondita to study. Mami says Anirudh was getting keys for you, but Bondita came in between, she is clever, she wants to stay as queen. Sampoorna says Bondita will never want bad for me. Mami says Trilochan taught this to me, just do what I say, hurt Trilochan that he shatters down, keep controlling Binoy by using that secret.

Bondita says Sampoorna would have cooked everything by now. Bondita and Bihari go to the kitchen. They don’t see Sampoorna. Bondita says Sampoorna had already woke up, where is she, she had to make bhog today, how will she convince Trilochan. Sampoorna takes a fruit basket and leaves. Bondita gets tea for Trilochan. She thinks Sampoorna should have got it for him. She says have the tea, Sampoorna has made it. He tastes it. She asks how is it. He says you have fooled me well, you have made the tea, tell me, your sister didn’t make this right. Sampoorna comes to an old house. She goes in and shuts the door. She sees someone and thinks you are my only hope, I never thought that I will have to do this. She does the aid to the person. She says you aren’t a secret, but my crown, Binoy will be in my control, I will take care of you, I will have a good life in that haveli. Trilochan says I know you don’t lie, you lied for your sister. Bondita says yes. Sampoorna thinks I was worried for you, so I got the fruits, I have to do this to stay in that house. She hears some sound and thinks to leave fast, people are coming, if anyone sees her, then the secret will be out. She locks the door and goes.

Trilochan says you lied for Sampoorna. Bondita says yes, forgive me. He says forgiven, let me do my work, since I fired Munshi, I have to do all this. She asks can I help you, I have started studying maths. She sees Sampoorna coming from outside. She goes to see. She asks where did you go. Sampoorna says I went to temple. Bondita asks how did you get mud on your hands.

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Telecast Date:22nd January 2021
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