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Barister Babu 21st September 2021  Episode starts with Bondita crying. Anirudh comes and lifts her. He takes her to the bed. He asks are you shy. She says yes. He asks why, we didn’t meet like this for the first time. She smiles. She says its first time. He asks what. She says to meet like this, everything looks different today. He asks how, explain me. She says don’t trouble me, you are bad. He says fine, I m bad. She says but I like the way you trouble me, I like to get shy and call you Dusht Babu.

He says I like you, everything about you. She hugs him. Her imagination ends. Bondita says I don’t like your troubling today. Anirudh sees the rose in his hand. He recalls Sampoorna asking why are you decorating the flowers. He says its my love for Bondita, her life will just have flowers, not thorns. He gets pricked by a thorn. FB ends. Anirudh and Bondita cry. Its morning, Trilochan says explain Bondita that she can’t go to Anirudh, tell her that I will make everything fine, I will her her Anirudh in her mu dikhai. Sampoorna nods. Anirudh is brought to the court. Bondita prays for Anirudh. She says don’t let injustice happen with him.

Tupur comes dressed in half white and red saree. She gives a white saree to Bondita also. Bondita asks what’s all this. Tupur says I have to come to ask Durga maa for justice for my husband, I pray that my husband’s murderer gets hanged to death, until then I will stay as half widow and half suhaagan, I will remind you that you have to do justice with me also. Bondita applies sindoor. Thakumaa and Sumati look on. They gets sad. Bondita says I just want the true person to get justice.

Bihari calls out and says Trilochan has come from the court. Somnath makes Trilochan sit. Bondita gets water for Trilochan. She asks what happened. Somnath says Anirudh accepted his crime in the court, our lawyer couldn’t do anything. Bondita asks how did he accept his crime. Somnath says he got the death sentence. Everyone gets shocked. Trilochan cries. Bondita says I beg you, permit me to meet Anirudh. Trilochan says I thought to give you Anirudh on mu dikhai, but you see him well before his eyes get closed, I permit you. Tupur runs and sees Chandrachur’s parents crying on his body. His dad asks Tupur to wipe her sindoor. Everyone cries.

Bondita comes to the police station. She says I want to meet Anirudh. Constable says you can’t meet him. She goes to Anirudh. Inspector asks her to leave. Bondita says I m his wife, why can’t I meet him. He says its a jail, not a garden to come roaming, come to meet for the final meet on the day when he gets hanged. She says I beg you, let me meet him once, Anirudh is innocent, he didn’t do anything. Inspector says every culprit’s family says the same. She says he isn’t a culprit. He says this is a jail, court laws and commands work here, not wife’s, just leave, else I will need to kick you out.

She cries. She thinks there is some reason behind this silence. She leaves. Anirudh thinks the reason is such that I can’t tell you anything. Trilochan says if the case is withdrawn, then he won’t get hanged, I will talk to Kalindi. He sees Thakumaa and Sumati. He says you lose one Jamai, save another one, if you don’t save Anirudh, then Bondita will also become a widow, we are one family now, we will do something good for Tupur’s future to lessen her pain.

Thakumaa says I understand, I told the same to Sumati, we can try to save Anirudh, I will explain Tupur. Tupur comes and asks what will you explain me, shall I forget my husband’s death, I always obeyed you, Bondita ran away from the house to study, you still accepted her back, when she ran away from the mandap, you explained me and got me married, my face got burnt in enmity, I understood you always, Bondita never obeyed you, what did I get by listening to you,

I lost my husband, I have become a widow, you still want to explain me that I forgive my husband’s murderer, this time, I will not tolerate your torture, you have to understand my pain and anger, Anirudh will get hanged. She goes to temple and swears. She says I will immerse my husband’s ashes when Anirudh gets hanged. Bondita comes and says until crime is proved, you can’t regard Anirudh the culprit. Inspector says someone has come to meet you. Anirudh goes and meets someone. He says you should have not come here, if anyone sees you and knows the truth, then it would be a problem.

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Telecast Date:21st September 2021
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