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Barister Babu 1st May 2021 Episode starts with Bondita calling out Anirudh for help. Anirudh says yes, I have come. He asks the staff to open the door. He says door isn’t opening with the master key. She says someone is here, trying to come in from the window. He asks staff to send someone fast. She asks him to open the door fast, she is scared. He asks her to take a deep breath. She says that man is coming inside the room, he has a knife in his hand. He says look for some sharp object around, try to open the lock. She tries to break the lock. Anirudh says hit it with force, I m standing outside. The man jumps inside the room. Bondita opens the door. Anirudh gets in and sees the man with the knife. He shouts and runs after the man. He asks who is he. The man apologizes and says I m a thief. Anirudh sends the thief out with the manager. Bondita says I was really scared, you saved me. He thinks I have to prepare her for facing all the troubles. He says I should teach you another lesson. She asks what it will be.

He says I m going to teach you something, it will help you in your life, every girl should know it, self defence, think there is fire everywhere around, you have to wet the cloth and put on your face, you should stop your breath to not get suffocated. He catches her. She asks what. He says think if someone attacks you from behind, what will you do. She says I will shout out, barrister babu. He says if I m not there, what will you do, you will attack on the man’s lower leg, then face and eyes. She says I will run away and call. He says good. She says if there are many goons then… He says you should do this, you should make them run way using the black pepper. She asks how. He says you should remember, you have to keep pepper powder with you, whenever you are in danger, when many people are in front, you blow this pepper in their eyes, you will get time to run. She says black pepper can do a big thing. He says just like you. She blows pepper on him. He coughs and rubs his eyes. She cares for him.

He says you have to always be careful, scare the person and get time to run, you know the phone number of our haveli. She says I don’t remember. He asks her to remember the number. He says I forgot to fill the form. He asks her to fill the form. She writes Bondita Roy Choudhary. She cries. He also gets sad. He says we will fill this later. She runs away to the washroom and washes her face.

She says I can’t cry and weaken his courage, I can’t break his dreams which he sees for me, I don’t have to cry. Rishta tera mera…plays… She tries to sleep. Anirudh thinks she has fallen asleep. He thinks he has fallen asleep. They both think the same things that they will miss each other, how will they stay alone. She says I m not feeling sleepy, you will ask me to sleep. He says no, don’t act to be sleeping, we have many pics in this room, tell me, which is your fav. She shows one. He says I like this one. She asks what shall we do of this. He says don’t know when will we meet, you will stay in hostel and study hard, I will stay in Tulsipur, we should make it memorable night, we will write our emotions on this pic, by closing eyes. She says yes, we will write feelings in words. They finish writing. He writes naughty Bondita. She writes Rakshas babu. They act annoyed and make a face. They end up laughing. Rishta tera mera….plays…

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Telecast Date:1st May 2021
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