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Barister Babu 18th January 2021 Episode starts with Sampoorna saying I will be living in Binoy’s room from now. She asks Bihari to keep her old stuff, she doesn’t need anything. Sampoorna recalls Trilochan’s words. Bondita pacifies her. She asks her to give some time to Trilochan, he is good hearted, he will accept her. Sampoorna says you are young, you won’t understand all this. Bondita asks what shall I call you now, Didi, Sasumaa or Sampoorna Maa. Binoy asks Bondita to check if dinner is ready. Anirudh recalls about Trilochan’s mistake, Bondita’s words and gets angry. Binoy asks Sampoorna what is she doing in his room. She says I m your wife. He scolds her and says I had to blame Trilochan, remember that I hate you. He throws things away. She smiles and asks are you angry, wait.

She gets Anirudh’s pic frame and asks him to break it. Bondita comes to Anirudh and asks him to open the door. She says I know you are angry on me, how shall I convince you now. She recalls their moments. Binoy calms down. Sampoorna says you can’t even break Anirudh’s pic, how will you break his heart, Anirudh has hugged you with pride, this happened because of me, do you want me to tell the secret to Anirudh and Bondita. Bondita is outside the door. Sampoorna says they were hugging you, they will not keep relations with you. Binoy recalls committing an accident. He shouts enough of your nonsense. Bondita comes upstairs. Binoy says you won’t say it to anyone. Sampoorna says I will never let you forget it, you will dance on my fingers now, if you hurt me, I won’t let you stay happy. Bondita comes and knocks the door. Sampoorna asks shall I tell the secret to Bondita.

Bondita sees the things fallen on the ground. She asks did Binoy get angry on you. Sampoorna says no, chair fell down by my hands. Bondita gives the chunar latkan. She asks Sampoorna to come and have food. She leaves. Binoy and Sampoorna argue. She says I want everyone to call me Badi Malkin instead the maid. She blackmails him about his secret, He looks at her.

Bondita makes Sampoorna sit with everyone. She goes to Anirudh and asks won’t you take food by my hands, my mum used to say that one shouldn’t be angry. Somnath says Trilochan said its time for my marriage, but dad got married. Batuk says how will I tell my friends that my dad got a new mum for me. Sampoorna asks shall we start the dinner. Bondita says Trilochan would be coming. Trilochan comes. Binoy says Sampoorna is the Bahu of the house, I want to keep post marriage functions tomorrow, Bihari, do the preparations, else I will tell someone else.

Trilochan says I m seeing for the first time that you changed so much, how did you get such beliefs, no one will do the functions, who is happy except Sampoorna. Anirudh says I will do all the rituals, I don’t think anyone should have a problem. Trilochan says fine, you do what you wnt, who needs me here, a woman can make a house heaven and also hell. He goes. Bondita goes and asks him to have food. Anirudh shouts to her and asks her to serve food to Sampoorna Maa. Trilochan gets upset. He sits near the pool and recalls everything. Bondita gets the food. She asks him to have food, its not good to leave the food in anger. She asks him to have food, won’t he listen to his Bahu. He says I know I wanted Sampoorna to marry Bihari, but I didn’t ask anyone to push her in a river, do you think I can take someone’s life. She says no, I trust you, I also know that Sampoorna is good, you are troubled by Anirudh, he will be fine soon, his anger will end soon.

She acts like Anirudh. Trilochan laughs. He also acts like Anirudh. They laugh. He starts crying. She asks him not to worry, everything will get fine. She says very soon, you will say that none can be good bahu like Sampoorna. He says I wish this can happen, Sampoorna was your shadow, but I have experience, I know the difference between diamond and stone, you are the day’s light and she is the night’s darkness.

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