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Barister Babu 15th September 2021 Episode starts with Anirudh coming for the wedding. Thakumaa asks where is Chandrachur, he said he will bring Bondita. Chandrachur says right, I will lift the stool and bring her. Chandrachur and others bring Bondita there. Bondita shows her face to Anirudh. They smile. They sit in the mandap. Bondita sees Chandrachur’s leg wound and asks when did you get hurt, didn’t you apply the medicine. He thinks they can doubt that I was that makeup artist. He says nothing, its a little scratch. Thakumaa asks Tupur to go and apply medicine. Chandrachur says once marriage happens, I will get the aid done. Trilochan asks how did you get hurt. Chandrachur says it doesn’t matter. Thakumaa says it matters. Bondita asks how did you get hurt.

Somnath says I will say how Chandrachur got injured, I was there when he got hurt, he was doing arrangements. Chandrachur thinks…. He says Somnath will do the aid and also become a witness of my injury. He acts to get hurt. The man says I will take you to Thakumaa for aid. Chandrachur says no, I won’t let anyone’s happiness spoil. Somnath says I don’t like you but I will do the aid. FB ends. Chandrachur says I don’t want to spoil your marriage’s beautiful moment by showing the wound. Tupur says come, I will do the aid. Trilochan does the gathbandhan. Anirudh says stop Kaka. Trilochan asks what happened now. Anirudh says this marriage can’t happen. They all get shocked. Anirudh says because I didn’t complete the promise given to Bondita. Trilochan asks which promise. Bondita asks which promise. Anirudh says its 8 year old promise, you remember anything. She thinks.

Anirudh says Bihari…. Bihari gets the huge mirror. Anirudh goes and gets something. Aaja tujhko….plays…. He shows the barrister robe. Bondita smiles. He makes her wear the robe. She happily cries. They see themselves in the mirror. Everyone smiles. Anirudh says I have fulfilled my promise, barrister babu Bondita Das. She says barrister babu Bondita Roy Choudhary, Sakha… Pati Babu…. now I can call you that. He says yes, after the seven rounds. They smile. They exchange the garlands. Trilochan does the gathbandhan. Anirudh asks Bondita to promise him. She nods. He says you won’t leave behind the good barrister in you while becoming a good wife, a good bahu, you will always support the truth, promise me. She says I promise, Pati Babu, I will keep all the duties and also a duty of a barrister.

Anirudh says promise me, you will always fight against injustice, even if the wrongdoer is someone dear, you won’t stop your steps. She says I promise I will make justice my strength. They take rounds and promise. He says promise me, you will become a bigger barrister than barrister Anirudh Roy Choudhary. She gets silent. He says your teacher is asking this promise. She says I promise to keep my teacher’s wish.

He says promise if you have to choose between barrister Dharm and wife’s dharm, you will choose barrister Dharm. She says I will keep both the Dharm well. She walks ahead. She says I will become Durga and fulfill the duties altogether, I will protect justice and also destroy the injustice. Anirudh says I m proud of you, you are my pride, I m sure your flight won’t stop here, I believe that you will support the justice, you will fight against the bad customs, you will get justice for many women like you, you will get them a place, name and identity in society. She says I promise. Pandit says your pheras got completed.

Anirudh and Bondita smile seeing each other. Rishta tera mera….plays… Anirudh holds her and says I love you Bondita. She turns away. He says I said I love you, will you give me a reply or shall I say aloud. She stops him and says I love you Pati Babu. They smile. He says I love you too. They hear thundering and rains sound. Thakumaa says their love promises made the eyes of the sky shine. Trilochan says its unseasonal rain. Anirudh and Bondita say its the rain of love and new relations. Anirudh and Bondita do the rituals. Anirudh fills her maang with sindoor. Everyone smiles. Pandit says marriage is completed, you are husband and wife from today.

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