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Barister Babu 14th June 2021 Episode starts with Anirudh saying I can’t let Kaka get insulted. Thakumaa asks is it right to get the woman insulted. She argues with him and says you shall pay for your misdeeds, else Bondita won’t come back to you, remember this. Anirudh says fine, if you want apology this way then you will get it, but Kaka won’t apologize, I will apologize, I will get myself insulted. Trilochan cries. Thakumaa says Trilochan did wrong, he has to bear the punishment for it. She says we will see who is more imp to you. He says you are doing the same thing as me, but our intentions and motives are different, Bondita’s education is imp to me, I know Bondita will understand me. She says you can try, you will lose, this time Bondita is in my hands. She goes home and cries. Bondita asks what happened. Thakumaa says I m afraid that my pain will become yours. Bondita says swear and tell me, what is it, share your pain.

Thakumaa says I met Anirudh and Trilochan outside. Bondita asks did Trilochan apologize. Thakumaa says you are innocent, he told me that he is a landlord, he won’t bow down to anyone. Bondita asks what did Anirudh say. Thakumaa says no, what would he say. Bondita thinks maybe its some other reason, else he would have kept his promise. Thakumaa says your faith has made them egoistic, they faked an apology and gave me the house property back, to compensate for my sorrow, he broke relations with you on papers, right. Thakumaa says they can buy jewels, but not my respect. She tears the papers. Anirudh comes to talk to Bondita. Thakumaa says he has come to convince you that Trilochan tried to apologize to me by giving house property. She says if a man makes a mistake, even then his head doesn’t bow down, if Anirudh keeps his promise, then why doesn’t he convince Trilochan, maybe he knows that you will always believe him, not me. Bondita goes.

Bondita argues with Anirudh. She says you forgot that women and men are equal, my dreams aren’t imp than Thakumaa’s respect, until Trilochan apologizes to her, I will not talk to you or meet you, I won’t have any relation with you or Toy Choudhary family. Tapur looks on. He says but Kaka was apologizing. She shuts the door. Thakumaa smiles and thinks I told you that blood relation will end your relation of heart.

Bondita thinks of Thakumaa’s words. She doesn’t signal him by switching on and off the lamp. Anirudh says we promised to be together, I want courage from you. She says you taught me to support the truth, that’s why I m with Thakumaa today, not you. She cries.

Its morning, Anirudh sees her on the terrace and calls her out. He writes a note for her. He says Thakumaa is thinking something, she wants Trilochan to sit on a donkey and blacken his face to make an apology, can I let Kaka do this, I m asking you, do you want this to happen. He makes a paper plane and throws it. Bondita gets the note. Anirudh signs her. Thakumaa looks on. Bondita hears the paper. She cries.

Tapur goes and says no one loves me. Bondita says I used to get upset with Anirudh. Tapur asks her to play a word game. They play. Anirudh asks Thakumaa what do you mean. Thakumaa says I will return everything to Bondita, whatever you have snatched, I will get her married to someone. Anirudh gets shocked. Bondita plays the game and recalls Anirudh’s words. Thakumaa says Bondita will not become a barrister now, but someone’s ideal wife, I m going to end your and Bondita’s story now.

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Telecast Date:14th June 2021
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