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Barister Babu 12th October 2021 Episode starts with Anirudh and Bondita having a cute nok-jhok. She asks for her barrister fees. He says I will give you fees by my love every day. They hold hands. Sampoorna comes to open the gathbandhan. He says let it be forever. Sampoorna opens it. She asks him to apply the sindoor.

Anirudh applies sindoor to Bondita. Everyone claps. Anirudh applies some on her face. He holds her hand. They all dance. The guests come. Trilochan says you all here. The man says we have come from BrahmaSamaaj to honour Barrister Babu. Trilochan says oh really. He asks Bihari to call Anirudh. Anirudh and Bondita come.

Trilochan asks them to bless Bondita. The man says we should fold hands to you, you just bless us now, barrister babu. They make Bondita wear garlands. Trilochan gets shocked. Anirudh and everyone clap. The men call her barrister babu.

Trilochan thinks why are they honouring Bondita instead Anirudh, he maybe feeling bad. Anirudh says bravo Bondita, I m proud of you. Bondita says Anirudh has made me capable. He says no, you have earned this yourself, you deserve this honour. He chants her name. They get a call. Some guy is shown taking a shower. Anirudh answers and asks who are you, why are you calling again and again.

The guy says I want to see your scared face, you just chill, like I m sitting cool under the shower. Anirudh says just come, then I will hug you and scold you, my brother Batuk Roy Choudhary. The guy Batuk says you have identified me again. Bondita hears this and says Batuk, my childhood friend. She goes to talk. Batuk says I m happy here in Italy. Anirudh says you are not alone. Batuk says I m super happy that you are back.

She takes the phone and says I m your Baudi Bondita, when are you coming, the villagers are giving me a honour, tell me, when are you coming to meet me. He throws the phone. She says call got disconnected.

Chandrachur is on the way in a police van. The van stops by some obstacles. Chandrachur’s men break the door lock and take him along. They ask Chandrachur to hide, police can never reach him there. Chandrachur smiles. He says I knew it, you have done this, give me water. He gets shocked seeing ….. Anirudh says wait, I will try. Bondita says its fine, how will I identify him, how does he look. Anirudh says we had sent him to study in Italy to protect him. She says I know, you wanted to know my fees.

He asks what’s your fees. She says call Batuk back. He says but… She makes an upset face. He thinks you will be shocked when you meet Batuk, you won’t know it. He says I will call him. Somnath comes and says Chandrachur was taken to the jail, he has run away by the help of his men. Anirudh asks him to send their men to find Chandrachur. Chandrachur sees Trilochan.

Chandrachur asks why did you save me. Trilochan says ten years punishment isn’t enough for you, Binoy lost his mental balance, we lost the Durga puja rights, we had to send Batuk away, we have to settle scores. He asks the man to punish Chandrachur in such a way that he begs for death. He says you asked me for water, right, how can I leave you thirsty, have water. He dips Chandrachur’s head in the water tub.

Anirudh comes to his room. Sampoorna says what’s the hurry to shut the door, Shashwati wants to meet you. He says no, fine, call her. She says your face turned sad, I m not calling her, stay alone with your wife, its a special night for you both, make Bondita’s night special. Anirudh shuts the door. He says Bondita in ghunghat…. good, I will see my bride’s face. Bondita asks him to do some shayari first.

She says I will think. He does shayari, I will become your fate lines, you become my fate, I will become your limits, you become my stubbornness, I become your sleep, you become my morning, you and I get into each other, you become me and I become you, now I can see your face, Bondita. He sees the pot inside the ghunghat. He asks where are you, Bondita. Bondita comes there smiling. She asks whom are you finding. He says I will tell you. She runs. He runs to stop her. They fall on the bed. Mai tera dil….plays… They get close.

Batuk is seen partying with his friends. His friend asks did you fall for her. Batuk laughs. He says don’t burden me with love, I m here to play with hearts, I just love my family. His friend says I know, Lord has sent all the world’s heroes in your family. Batuk says you know the superhero of the family, that’s Anirudh.

His friend says your shine gets light because of him. Batuk says he is a barrister, I m an advocate, I passed by difficulty, so I have kept this party. His friend says I got a gift for you, wait here. He gets a gift. He says you will love it. Batuk checks the pic. He says my family, I love my family. He gets angry seeing Bondita. He stains her pic. He says I hate Bondita.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2021
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