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Barister Babu 12th January 2021 Episode starts with Bondita asking is Munshi the man who had come as a woman, he would have removed the moustache to become a woman, he has sent the girl, he wasn’t in puja, you had sent him to Vrindavan, so he had come as ghunghat woman so that he can hide his face, no one knew about you, Munshi got you home, Munshi knew the locker keys and told the girl about it, that girl had opened the locker by his help, I didn’t expect this from him, we trust him, why did he hurt you, I will bring that girl’s truth out. Mami asks Sampoorna why did she not take advantage of Saurabh’s sacrifice, they didn’t think of you, Anirudh said he will take your responsibility, you ruined it, what will happen now. Mama says Anirudh is ill, who will help us now. Mami says Binoy will help you, he was taking your side, did he…. Sampoorna asks what are you saying, he has sympathy for me, Trilochan says bitter things for me. Mami says you are mad, you don’t have any sense, you have to think, what did you get by being innocent, will you marry Bihari, no, you have to become clever, its time to change your avatar, listen to me, you will become a queen from a maid.

Bondita asks what happened, do you want to say something. Anirudh says no. She asks him to write and show. She gets some papers and pen. Rishta tera mera….plays… She helps him write. He fails to write. She gets ink for him. He dips the finger in the ink and writes. She tries to read. He faints down. She reads his message.

Sampoorna says I can’t do wrong with Anirudh and Bondita. Mami says Bondita is young today, she will grow up tomorrow, she will have her family, everyone will forget Saurabh’s sacrifice, you will become her children’s Daima, you want this, its time now, your future will change, you will rule here, you think how you will change your life. Bondita reads we have to catch Munshi red-handed if we have to bring his truth out.

She says I promise, I will do as you want, I will catch Munshi red-handed and find out why did he break our trust, I will expose his lie, is he responsible for your ill condition. Munshi thinks before anyone knows my truth, I will give third dose of poison to Anirudh and kill him. The girl gets kheer for Anirudh. She says Anirudh will get fine after having this, mum’s tapasya ends the danger on a child. Trilochan says yes, you worry for him a lot, mum is mum, come, I will take you. Munshi thinks now the truth will be out. Bondita asks how will I catch them red-handed. Anirudh coughs. She takes care of him. She gets a book and reads about catching a thief red-handed. She gets an idea. Trilochan gets the girl and says Anirudh will soon get fine. Bondita thinks I can’t let Anirudh eat this kheer, this girl has added something in it. She says he is sleeping, I will feed it to him when he wakes up. Trilochan says fine.

Munshi looks on. The girl insists and says feed it right now. Trilochan asks Anirudh to get up. He asks Bondita to feed the kheer by the spoon, he will be fine. Bondita thinks I have to act like I m feeding the kheer to him. Anirudh signs her. Bondita acts and drops the kheer aside. He acts to eat. Munshi thinks why aren’t they seeing it, she isn’t feeding the kheer to him. Anirudh smiles. Bondita makes a stool fall. She runs aside and puts kheer in the tea pot. Trilochan and the girl pick the things. Bondita runs back and acts to finish the kheer. Trilochan asks did you feed him. She says yes, its over. Munshi thinks this girl has become a protective shield for Anirudh, I have to kill him today. Bondita thinks I will expose this girl and Munshi today. Rishta tera mera….plays…. Anirudh and Bondita smile. He thinks great, you handled everything so well. She thinks I won’t let anything happen to you.

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Telecast Date:12th January 2021
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