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Barister Babu 11th October 2021 Episode starts with Bondita saying you are a devil. Chandrachur laughs and says yes, I m a devil, I had planned something different in the sword fighting competition, I had put the chemicals in the gift sent by you to Anirudh, I wanted you to get blamed, I tried to kidnap you but I failed, how could I tolerate that you have become of Anirudh, when I failed to win your heart, I decided to win your body, I came in your room on Kaalratri to win you, you would have become mine but..

She shouts enough, I don’t want to hear anything, its good that Anirudh reached on right time and didn’t let you succeed, you ran to save your life. He says yes, he ran after me, we had a fight, he shot at me, I fell down the cliff, nothing happened to me, I got saved by my man, I didn’t die, I had sent a dead body with my belongings, to show that Anirudh had killed Chandrachur, when he gets the death sentence, then all my wounds will be healed, my soul will get peace.

Bondita cries and says I hate you, you are cheating your wife. He asks who, that ugly woman, unlucky Tupur, she is a puppet for me, I have used her to hide from everyone, I will raise her hard and damage her face. Tupur comes there and slaps him. He gets shocked. She says I have come, you got slapped. He raises hand on her. Anirudh comes and holds his hand. Bondita smiles. Thakumaa, Trilochan, family members and their men come. Chandrachur gets shocked. Anirudh says I told you, you shouldn’t raise a hand on any woman, else I will twist your hand. Chandrachur says you… Bondita says he is the judge, that’s the inspector, and the person you thought is the driver, he is the senior inspector.

Chandrachur says so what, they can’t do anything here, we are in Dhaka. She says they can do anything, you will understand this when you know that we aren’t in Dhaka, we are in Bengal’s Ranigunj, this market is given the Dhaka look. He asks how can this happen. Anirudh says a trap was laid to bring out your game, you know who did this, Barrister Bondita Roy Choudhary. Anirudh recalls taking inspector’s permission to talk to Bondita. He asks Bondita why is she worried. She says Chandrachur called me at the club, I will go, I m not imp, its most imp to save your life.

He says you have to think ahead of Chandrachur, I trust you, I won’t stop you. He goes. She meets the judge and says its about a life. Judge says if anything wrong happens, then enquiry will take place. She says your hands will shake next time if you give a wrong verdict. He says I know about Anirudh’s principles to bring a change in the society, I will go against the rules and give you a chance. She says thanks, command some senior officer to come with me in disguise. He calls the officer.

She says I will go and meet Chandrachur, he will try to kidnap me and take me to Dhaka, he will think that I will go to Dhaka with him, we will take him to such a place that he thinks he is in Dhaka, you all will be there already, you can hear the truth from him. FB ends. Chandrachur says you fooled me Bondita. She says yes, Anirudh is proved innocent, and you are standing here as the culprit. She asks Inspector to take him. Judge says the punishment will be decided in the court. Chandrachur tries to run.

Tupur says you can’t run away. Tapur says you will be punished in the court. Thakumaa slaps Chandrachur and scolds him. Sampoorna says good has won over evil today on Vijaya Dashami, truth has won, and lie has lost.

The court case starts. Subodh looks on. Bondita says judge and all the witnesses have heard Chandrachur’s confession, I request the judge to severely punish him. Subodh says wait, I m also here in the court, you have made a good story, Chandrachur is a villain, and Bondita is the heroine, I didn’t see that you aren’t just a woman, but a wife also, you have defeated a devil like Chandrachur, you proved every man who has a thinking like me,

I was wrong, I understood that men and women can equally carry the weight of the black coat. The reporter asks do you accept that you have lost. Subodh says I didn’t lose, I got awakened, print it in the newspaper that I have apologized to Bondita, I accept my defeat. Everyone claps for Bondita. Subodh says I praise Anirudh who gave a brave barrister like Bondita to our country. Everyone claps.

Judge says this court regards Chandrachur guilty, and punishes him a ten year imprisonment, and set Anirudh free, regarding him innocent. Trilochan and everyone smile. Anirudh’s handcuffs get off. He goes to Bondita. She forwards her shoulder. He pats it and says bravo Bondita, I m proud of you. Rishta tera mera….plays… Anirudh and Bondita come home. Trilochan stops them at the door. He ties their gathbandhan. Sampoorna does their aarti. Trilochan asks them to come in. Rishta tera mera…

.plays.. Bondita says Tupur, it was not your mistake. Tupur says you can forgive me, I can’t forgive myself. Thakumaa says its my mistake to teach you to worship your husband, Anirudh gave the right teachings to Bondita. She asks Anirudh and Bondita to try their best, no Thakumaa makes any more Tupur now. Sumati blesses them. She asks Bondita to write letters to her. Bondita asks are you going. Sumati says Thakumaa and I had a mannat for Anirudh, we are going to tirat to fulfill it. Thakumaa says Tapur and Tupur are Anirudh’s responsibility. Bondita hugs Sumati.

Sampoorna asks everyone to get ready and come, they have to remove the gathbandhan and also celebrate Vijay dashami. Tapur thanks Anirudh. She says you got ready to die to save my dignity. He says I not imp than a woman’s dignity, a woman shouldn’t blame herself but raise her voice against injustice. Thakumaa says I m proud of you both, you didn’t let Tapur’s name come out and saved her from defamation. Bondita smiles.

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