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Barister Babu 11th March 2020 Episode Start With Bondita playing with Batuk. Saudamini stops her and asks for help. Bondita asks how can I help. Anirudh asks Saurabh to wait, he will go and see Bondita. Sampoorna likes the car. Saurabh says we won’t enjoy, I m his servant and have to sit silent, I won’t get equal to him. Saudamini asks Bondita who is Anirudh’s wife, do you know, can you tell me. Bondita says I can tell you. Saudamini asks is she more pretty than me. Bondita says I will show you. She removes the sack off herself. She says its me, Anirudh’s wife, Bondita. Saudamini gets shocked seeing her.

She asks you? No, you are joking, this isn’t possible, he can’t do this. Anirudh comes. Bondita asks her to ask her husband if she doesn’t believe it. She asks Anirudh to tell that he is married to her. Saudamini thinks why did he marry a little girl. Bondita asks why did you want to meet me, who are you. She asks Anirudh to ask her. He asks her to stay silent. He says Sampoorna is waiting for you, won’t you like to meet your mum, go. She goes. Saudamini says there is no comparison between me and her. She goes smiling. He goes. She happily dances with Somnath. He asks what happened. She asks is Anirudh mad to marry a little girl. He says he wanted to say this in the letter. He gives Anirudh’s letter. Anirudh writes I was helpless to marry. She smiles. He says its just his madness to bring a revolution. She goes home.

Anirudh stops the car at some lake. Saurabh checks the car. Bondita asks how much time. Anirudh says car engine got hot, we will leave after some time. Bondita says bullock cart is better than this car, can’t this car fly. Sampoorna stops her. Anirudh says planes are being built abroad. Bondita says we will also have wings to fly. Saurabh says girls get no freedom here, how will they fly. Anirudh says they will fly.

Maa recalls meeting Trilochan. He says Bondita will get all the respect of our family member if she obeys all the customs and rules, ask her to not be stubborn. Mami says yes, she is stubborn. He says she is stubborn and wants her mum to stay with her, tell me, can mum stay in daughter’s in-laws, what can I say when Anirudh is also stubborn, he wants to get you home, I won’t let this happen, you are sensible and know everything, when Anirudh gets Bondita here and asks you to come, you refuse, you are her mum and know to explain her. Maa looks on. Mami says I will explain everything to Bondita. Trilochan says I won’t disappoint you if you guide her right. He gives them money money. Mami says we will explain her well. Maa stops them. She says take the money back, if Anirudh didn’t marry Bondita, then her life would have got ruined, you accepted Bondita in family, just love and respect her, I will send Bondita away and not show my face to her all life if its about her happiness. Trilochan warns her and goes. Munshi takes the money back. FB ends. Maa thinks I have to explain Anirudh and Bondita that I can’t come with them.

Anirudh says the girls will fly with freedom. Bondita says get me wings, I will fly. Sampoorna asks her to be quiet. Anirudh says let her say. Bondita says we used to sing when we used to travel. She sings and asks Sampoorna to sing. Saurabh signs Sampoorna not to sing. Anirudh says I won’t drive now. Saurabh says they won’t sing, don’t worry. Anirudh says I will drive if everyone sings aloud, else I will feel sleepy, sing now. Bondita asks Sampoorna to sing now. They sing. Anirudh drives. Saudamini happily dances and comes to Dida. Dida asks did you go mad, I told you not to go there. Saudamini says Anirudh has married a little girl, he has done this to bring a revolution, this isn’t a marriage, he got a toy for himself, he will be just mine, always. She smiles.


Barister Babu 12th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Bondita makes Anirudh complete rituals so that she can meet Maa. Anirudh refuses to do rituals.

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Telecast Date: 11th March 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And Voot


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