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Barister Babu 10th May 2021 Episode starts with Bondita ringing the bell. Anirudh says I have reached the right place. He looks for her. She thinks I will ring the bell until anyone comes to help me. Anirudh runs to see her. She sees someone and smiles. She shouts for help. Goon sees her and smiles. She gets shocked seeing Mami with him. Anirudh stops at the temple and prays. The man scolds Bondita and says you will be punished for breaking our customs, I will teach you a lesson. Bondita rings the bell. Anirudh runs to see. The lady follows him. He thinks why did the bell sound end. Bondita runs. Mami and that goon stop her.

Anirudh thinks Bondita isn’t here. Bondita falls down. A stone falls over her head. She faints. Mami and the goon look on. Mami asks did she die. The man says its good she died before we killed her. Anirudh shouts Bondita. Mami says he will kill us, we shall go. The goon asks Mami to take Bondita. He gets shocked seeing Sakha babu written on the stone by blood. Bondita has written it. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. Mami asks did she die, I didn’t kill her. The goon asks did you get her here to do aarti, she fell down and died, we have to cut her head and hang on the tree. Mami says I will not do this. He asks her to take her money and leave. He says the other women will see her beheaded and not dare to cross limits, stay here, I will just come.

Mami asks him to stop. She says I can’t stay with her. The goon says she is dead. She says you don’t know her, I m scared. He laughs and says you women are weak, you can never get equal to men, come. They leave. Trilochan and Bihari pray at home for Bondita. He plays the shank. Anirudh looks for her. He follows the blood marks. Bondita gets conscious. The goon sharps the knife. She says I can’t lose, I have to run away. She goes out. She sees Mami and the goon back. The goon says you didn’t die, you have courage, but courage doesn’t suit women, it suits just men, I will cut your head and hang on the tree.

Bondita recalls Anirudh’s words and defends herself. Mami looks on. She attacks the goon and takes the knife. She says you should have power in arms and mind also, women can do anything. Mami asks her to stop. Bondita says don’t try to stop me today. Mami says leave this knife. Bondita says you should do what I say, get away. She runs out. Anirudh comes and asks where is Bondita. He beats the goon. The lady looks on and hides. The goon runs. Mami tries to run. Anirudh calls out Bondita. He asks where is Bondita. Mami says I don’t know. Anirudh says I will burn everything, even you, tell me, where is she. Mami says she just ran away. Anirudh asks did you make her run with anyone. Mami says I don’t know anything. He goes out to look for her. Bondita calls out Anirudh. He shouts Bondita. He finally sees her and smiles. Bondita gets dizzy. The lady takes chilli powder and throws at Anirudh. She takes Bondita with her. Bondita gets conscious. She sees the lady and gets shocked.

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Telecast Date:10th May 2021
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