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Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th May 2022 Yuvan is seen playing violin under rain enjoying it. Servants requests him to have food as he hasn’t eaten anything since the morning. Yuvan angrily throws food on them and says he doesn’t want to have such food.

Servants forcefully throw him inside the room and angrily say let him die if he doesn’t want to have food. His Dadaji heads towards home worried for him. He reaches home and is surprised to see party going on and Kalpana and her sister telling Panditji that pooja is cancelled today. Kalpana and her sistger call him Mamoosa. Dadaji asks them if this is the way they speak ot Panditji.

They both ask if he was coming tomorrow and inform them that Malini got the best women entrepreneur award of the year and hence she has thrown a party at home. Dadaji reminds them that today is Mahashivaratri pooja. They say since pooja and party cannot happen together, they chose to cancel the pooja. Dadaji thinks its important that pooja should hapen at home.

Banni Chow is shown with a grand entry. She throws tomatoes at a shop. The shop owner asks her why she is angry. She shows adulterated rice and dal and loudly starts speaking about it. The shop owner promises to never repeat the mistake again. Banni leaves on her scooter.

On the other side, Brinda and Veer discuss about Malini. Veer praises Malini, but Brinda badmouths about Malini and says Veer and Viraj are Malini’s andh bhakts/blind devotees and calls him a loser. Veer says she is jealous of Malini. Malini walks down the stairs while all the guests clap for her.

Viraj complements her that she is looking really pretty. Malini hoopes even she could compliment even him and says she doesn’t like the shade of blue he is wearing. She then asks about Yuvan. Viraj says Yuvan is in
his room concentraing on his music. Yuvan listens to a conch/sea shell and says his mother says there is music in everything in the world. Malini asks him to make sure Yuvan doesn’t come in front of the guests.

Servant asks Yuvan to finish rose milk. Yuvan throws milk on him. Another servant says he is new and hence doesn’t know about Yuvan’s drama. Yuvan drops his badge and panics calling him chanda mama and pleads not to leave him again. He recalls his mother weaving mooon face on his T-shirt and saying his chanda mama will be with him always. He panics not finding the moon badge on his T-shirt.

Servant asks what happened to him. Yuvan removes his T-shirt and says he will not wear it. Dadaji chats with Malini and says nobody short forget their roots and ask her if he party cannot be delayed for a day. She says no as she has guests from France who have a flight in the morning, his pooja can happen anytime, but her party cannot be postponed; taunts that his old roots are useless and of no use.

Veer asks Dadaji if he congratulated Malini for taking their business to the new heights. Dadaji says world knows Malini, but her own family doesn’t know about her. Veer criticizes Dadaji. Malini warns him to behave with his father. Vivan is shown walk down panicking while servant trying to stop him.

Malini introduces her daughters Palak and Myra and says they both are looking beautiful. Palak says even she is looking beautiful. Malini says als the guests respect and fear her, even they should gain this. Vivan even removes his pant demanding chanda maam’s dress and walks to party venue start naked.

Reporters click his pics while family hides their face in fear. Vivan gets afraid seeing Mlini and hides his modesty. Servant wraps a towel around his waist. He runs and hugs his dadaji Dadaji emotionally. Viraj thinks once he went to change his clothes, mad Vivan created a drama.

Next morning, Myra and Palak tell Dadaji that Vivan hasn’t eaten anything since 2 days. Dadaji says everyone has become like Malini in this house. Brinda asks him not to compare him to Malini and says she ordered dal chawal onine for Vivan.

Dadaji tells Vivan that he brought a wife for his son, but couldn’t bring a mother for vivan. Palak asks Dadaji to taste a food from her friend’s place. He tastes and says its good. She says her friend order it from Banni Chow Home Delivery. He says Vivan needs a mother.

Malini scolds Viraj and says she should her name will be in the newspapers tomorrow, but media likes drama than victory. Viraj hopes they should send Vivan to mental asylum. Malini says once her wish is fulfilled, she herself will drop Vivan to mental asylum and warns Viraj not to repeat his mistake again. She sends Viraj to Vivan’s room and closes door from outside. Viraj brutally trashes Vivan.

Banni grinds flour/atta on chakki. Her brother Vishnu says if she cannot afford a new mixer grinder, she can get flour from the neighbor shop. Banni says readymade flour is at least 20-25 rs costlier than home made flour and they are very short of money. Her maami/aunt returns home short of breath and scolds her for fighting with the shop keeper, she says she doesn’t want her name to be spoilt like her mother.

Banni says she will not keep quiet like her mother and will give a befitting reply. She says if mother had not got afraid and kept quiet, she would have been alive. Banni then delivers home cooked tiffins to her customers and impresses them. She then visits temple and prays god to give her 150th customer soon.

Vivan enters temple with Dadaji. Her pamplets fly and fall in front of him. He picks them and returns it to her. Dadaji reads her pamphlet and recalls Palak discussing about Banni Chow Home Delivery yesterday.

He thinks he should try Banni’s food for Vivan. He chats with Banni praising her food and says he wants her to deliver food for his grandson as he wants to show what real food is. She thanks Shivji for sending her 150th customer so soon and gives her long list of menu to Dadaji with prices. Dadaji says whatever she serves with love. She says she serves all her dishes with love and offers rasgulla to Vivan. Vivan throws away the box saying he doesn’t want to have it.

Banni gets angry. Dadaji asks her not to get angry on Vivan as he is mentally unstable and hasn’t had food since 3 days. Banni takes it as a challenge and insists Vivan to have kheer. He runs. She follows him. Vivan recalls his mother asking him not to make her run. He continues to run, and she continues to follow him, pins him to the floor, and forcefully feeds him kheer via a funnel. Dadaji feels happy seeing that. Panditji says only a mother, wife, or Banni can feed someone with so much love.


Banni Chow Home Delivery 31st May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dadaji asks Banni to serve food to Vivan daily from tomorrow. Viraj crashes his car to Banni’s scooter and rudey offers money for her loss. She slaps him. She later feeds food to Vivan. Malini warns family not to let Vivan attend pooja. Banni brings vivan for pooja. Malini insults her and shouts at her to get out.

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Telecast Date:30th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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