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Banni Chow Home Delivery 19th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Banni Chow Home Delivery 19th July 2022 Yuvan wakes up in the morning feeling severe pain in his hand and is surprised to see his hand injured. Devraj calls Imlie to find out about Yuvan’s blood report.

Yuvan cries in pain and tells Devraj that his hand is paining a lot. Devraj goes to get medicine leaving his phone with Yuvan and asking him to pick Banni’s call. Manini gives Myra’s necklace to Niyati saying Myra and Alpana cannot reach from Jaipur on time, it will look good on Niyati. Niyati asks how can she be so careless about Banni.

Banni returns home after delivering tiffins and searches her phone to find out about Yuvan’s blood report. She finds her phone missing and thinks she must have left with one of the customers.

Mamisa brings dhatura fruit and asks if she ordered them. Banni finds a letter between dhatura which reads that someone mixed dhatura seeds in her customer’s food. Mamisa says dhatura is very poisonous.

Raja recalls stealing Banni’s mobile and mixing dhatura seeds in her customers’ food and tells his aides that now Banni has to reach her each customer personally to stop them from having food and would miss Yuvan’s marriage during the process.

Yuvan calls Banni. Aide picks it. Yuvan hears Raja’s name and informs Devraj that someone else picked the phone. Devraj calls Vishnu. Yuvan informs her that when he called her, someone said Raja bhai its banni’s phone and disconnected call. Banni realizes Raja did this heinous act to take revenge from her.

She leaves home to inform customers about Raja’s act and requesting not to have tiffins. Vishnu joins her and helps her get tiffins back from customers. Blood sample collector meets her and gives her Yuvan’s blood sample report informing her that Yuvan is drug overdosed.

Banni shows report to Vishnu who informs its a very dangerous medicine and can lead to cardiac arrest. She imagines Devraj calling her and informing about Yuvan’s critical condition and feels worried for Yuvan.

Manini gets Yuvan ready as a groom and tells Hemant that like every mother she also dreams of her son’s marriage. Yuvan asks if he is marrying Banni. Hemant angrily says no and walks aside asking Manini to handle Yuvan. Manini frightens Yuvan. Banni calls Devraj and informs him that Yuvan is given drug overdose which can lead to cardiac arrest.

Devraj gets worried hearing that and asks her to reach home immediately as only 2 hours are left for marriage. Banni asks him to not let anyone feed anything to Yuvan. Devraj notices Manini force feeding medicine to Yuvan and gets more concerned for him.

Vishnu asks Banni why didn’t she inform Devraj that she needs to sav customers first and cannot visit Yuvan. Banni gets busy saving customers’ lives. Devraj tries to make Yuvan puke out the poisonous medicine while Manini and others dance in baraat. Yuvan pukes out the medicine after much try.

Devraj asks him not to inform anyone about it and hopes Banni reaches soon. Banni asks Vishnu to call Devraj and inform him that they are getting Yuvan’s blood reports. He messages instead. Banni stops him and deletes message. Viraj picks phone instead and shows message to Manini. Manini reads report and finds the message deleted. She realizes Banni wants to tell something to Devraj.

Banni tells Vishnu that its good she deleted the report as Devraj doesn’t keep his phone with him all the time. Banni’s customers accuse her for risking their lives because of her rivalry with Raja. Devraj returns to room and asks servant to search his phone, thinks Banni should return before wedding starts.


Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yuvan refuses to drink drug laced juice.Manini finds blood syringe mark on his hand and orders Raja to make sure Banni doesn’t reach Yuvan’s wedding. She tells Viraj that the cannot give drug overdose to Yuvan again as Devraj knows about it. Banni fights with her customers.

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Telecast Date:19th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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