Balika Vadhu 2 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 9th September 2021 Episode starts with Kalpesh asking Ratan if there is something to eat. Khim ji brings something and asks them to eat. Ratan asks if house is found. Prem ji tells that he was searching home and that’s why lied to them, as they want to surprise them. He asks Sejal if she thought that he is having an affair. He says he can prove his love infront of everyone. Jigar says we shall come inside. Khim ji and his family leave from their home and close the door. Anandi and Kalpesh cry.

Ratan gives the keys to Naag ji. They look at their house for one last time and leave in the tractor. Kumar comes in another car and signs Prem ji. Prem ji asks Baa to come. Khim ji takes his family to their new house. Kalpesh says it is small house. Ratan says it is our house now. Khim ji asks Ratan to open the door. Anandi asks Ratan to make Swastik and do puja of the house first. Ratan asks her to do it. Anandi makes Swastik while Sejal makes Swastik in her new house. Prem ji thinks why Khim ji and his family haven’t come till now. Pandit ji asks Sejal to step inside the house. Sejal enters in the house with Prem ji.

Khim ji blames himself and tells Ratan that he was wrong to regard someone else’s house as his. Ratan asks him not to feel bad and says you have seen how Anandi handled the situation. Prem ji tells that he would be happy if Anandi had come here. Sejal says you made this room ready for her. He says he is waiting for the gauna to happen. Sejal reminds of his promise. He says he will convince Khim ji for Anandi’s Gauna. She says this room shall be of Jigar. He says he wants this room to be of Anandi and don’t differentiate between the kids. He says he is going to Raigarh tomorrow to see why Khim ji haven’t come. Ratan tells Khim ji that she has forgotten her bridal dress in that house.

Khim ji says he will bring another bridal dress for her and asks her to understand his situation. Anandi thinks that bridal dress is very precious for Baa and goes out of house. Prem ji comes to Khim ji’s old house and knocks on the door. Naag ji opens the door. Prem ji asks what you are doing here, where is Khim ji? Naag ji says I have bought this house, and Khim ji took rented house somewhere. Prem ji says he didn’t tell me anything. Naag ji says he don’t have time to tell him everything as he is very busy. Prem ji goes to the locality and searches for Khim ji’s house. He doesn’t see Anandi and goes. He comes to Khim ji’s house and knocks on the door. Khim ji asks Anandi and Kalpesh to see who has come. He then goes to open the door.

Anandi comes to the temple and says I need to talk to you about so much, and complain about many people, but you are sitting with door closed. She says who will listen to me.

Khim ji opens the door and finds Prem ji on the door. Prem ji says that’s why you was not picking my call. Khim ji asks him to come inside. Prem ji says when you don’t want to talk to me then why are you calling me inside. Khim ji says I will make you understand. Ratan asks him to come inside for Anandi’s sake. Anandi thinks what to do to please the Goddess and to open the door. She thinks she got the answer. She dances. Khim ji tells him everything that they were staying in Ratan’s Mama ji’s house on rent. Anandi hears the temple bells ringing.

Prem ji asks why you made me stranger. Khim ji says your new house puja was going on and I didn’t want to disappoint you. Prem ji says my house was vacant. Khim ji asks if he would have stayed in Anandi’s sasural. Prem ji asks if he don’t remember their friendship. Khim ji says we shall be honest in relationship too. Anandi finds the temple doors open and prays to Goddess. She says you knows everything, whatever happened with us. She says everyone is sad and asks her to make everyone happy. Pandit ji comes and gives her prasad. He says you got first blessings of Goddess, you will be successful today. Prem ji asks Khim ji to get ready for Anandi’s Gauna and says I will take Anandi to her sasural.

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