Balika Vadhu 2 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 8th September 2021 Episode starts with Khim ji complimenting Anandi for her beauty and asks Ratan to apply black tika to her. Anandi says we shall go. Khim ji says let your Mama and Mami come first. Bhavan and Leela come there. They all leave. Prem ji tells everyone that they have to go to Raigarh. Baa asks for what? Diwari says we have to follow him. They get up to leave. Naag ji comes to Khim ji’s house and tells him that this house is mine from now onwards. Khim ji asks if he is drunk early morning. Naag ji says I have bought this house from its owner Devesh Bhai.

He says I brought these workers to help you, take all your stuff and leave from my house. Everyone gets shocked. Khim ji says don’t lie, if you know Devesh Bhai and says he will not sell the house to cheap man like you. Naag ji shows the papers to Khim ji and says Devesh bhai has given this house to me with his wish. Ratan checks the papers and gets shocked. She says call Devesh Bhai, he is playing game with us. Devesh Bhai comes there. Naag ji says I knew that Khim ji will not believe me. Ratan asks him to say. Devesh Bhai says Naag ji said right, I have sold this house to him. Ratan says this house is of my Mama ji’s house and I have taken care of him like his daughter.

She says you have sold our house to Naag ji, and haven’t taken care of Mama when he was alive. Khim ji says if we didn’t give you rent. Devesh says I have no attachment in this house and I will not stay here, leaving Mumbai. He says Naag ji gave a good offer so I thought to sell the house. Ratan says this is our house, though it is house of stones for you. She asks where shall I go with my kids now. Naag ji tried to say. Ratan asks him to be silent, else she will bury him alive here. She feels ashamed of Devesh Bhai. Khim ji says if you wanted to sell, then I would have bought it.

Devesh says if you wanted to buy, then would have told. Khim ji says where will I go with my family? Devesh Bhai says we shall give 1-2 days time to them. Naag ji says we can give 1-2 weeks, but today the mahurat is good and there is no mahurat till 4 months. Anandi and Kalpesh cry. Anandi recalls their moments in the house. They come inside the house. Ratan asks why did you agree, how can we go from here so soon. Anandi asks if we have to leave from here. Ratan says this house is not ours now. Anandi says we will not leave from here. Khim ji says where they stay together will be their house. Anandi hugs him and cries. Khim ji asks her to pack all her stuff. He asks Kalpesh to pack his stuff.

Prem ji brings everyone somewhere. Baa asks where you brought us? Prem ji says it is Rani’s Raj Mahal and gives the keys in Baa’s hands. He says this house is ours. Jigar and Gopal asks really? Baa and Babu ji gets happy. Diwari is surprised. Bhavan asks them to come to his house. Khim ji says I can’t come to your house, we will search some shelter. Ratan tells Khim ji that they will go to Prem ji’s house, which is vacant and shows him keys. Khim ji refuses to go there. He asks Bhavan and Leela to help Ratan pack the stuff and says he will go to search home.

Anandi, Kalpesh and Ratan pack their stuff. Anandi comes to Ratan and recalls rolling rotis. Bhavan comes to Naag ji angrily and asks why did you do this tamasha, and why you threw my sister out of her house. Naag ji says you are very innocent? He says when you told me that Khim ji will not leave me for selling illegal wine. What did I say? that I will not leave Khim ji. Bhavan says so you have taken revenge.

Naag ji says I have helped you, made your sister homeless to save your house. Naag ji talks to someone. Anandi cries and sees him laughing. She throws a stone on his forehead and says you are laughing after making my mother cry. Naag ji shouts calling Ratan and runs. Anandi takes another stone and runs behind him. Ratan comes there and stops Anandi. Anandi says he made us cry and he shall cry too. Ratan says he is nothing to us. Kadvi Baa and Dhingri comes there and hear them crying. Ratan says we will set our house where we stay.

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