Balika Vadhu 2 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 7th September 2021 Episode starts with Ratan asking Kalpesh if he will raise hand on his sister. Anandi asks her to let him beat her and asks her to beat her if she wants. Ratan regrets to raise hand on her and asks what to do to cheer you. Anandi asks her to take her to Maa Ashapura’s temple. Ratan agrees and asks her to go and wash her face. She asks Kalpesh to come with them. Kalpesh refuses. Anandi asks if you was about to slap me. Prem ji talks to someone and asks to get the dress ready. Sejal comes there. Prem ji makes an excuse and ends the call.

Khim ji talks to Kalpesh and asks him to tell where he found the bottle. Kalpesh says I don’t remember clearly, and tells the different story. Khim ji says yesterday you said Panchayat office and today different. Kalpesh asks why am I forgetting and rushes to bathroom. Anandi comes to the temple with Ratan. She goes behind the temple and sees Godaveri dancing. She greets her. Godaveri asks where did you go missing yesterday. Anandi recalls Ratan asking her not to tell the truth to anyone. She tells that Mota Bhai was unwell. Godaveri asks how is he now? Anandi says fine and they dance. Ratan calls her. Anandi tells that she saw the peacock who was dancing nicely. Ratan says I couldn’t see. Anandi says it heard you and went.

Bhavan gifts video game to Kalpesh. Kalpesh thanks him. Anandi asks him to show. Bhavan apologizes for not bringing it for her. Khim ji says they have many toys. He takes Bhavan to talk and says weather is good and you want to drink wine. Bhavan says yes. Khim ji says I know that you drink. Bhavan says no. Khim ji asks him to say what was he doing when Dr. Sharda took Anandi with her and says you only saw Kalpesh unconscious. Bhavan says Anandi and Kalpesh are dear to me, and you would have suffocated me to death before accusing me. Ratan comes there and says we are guilty and asks you trust stranger Dr. behen and not my brother. Khim ji is shocked.

Prem ji lies to Sejal and tells that he went to Bhav Nagar and not Gandhi Nagar. He asks her to serve the food. Sejal thinks he is hiding something from her. Later in the night, Khim ji apologizes to Ratan. Ratan says you have hurt my brother and haven’t thought how he will feel. She says you would have thought before accusing him. Khim ji calls Bhavan and apologizes to him. Bhavan says Kalpesh is my nephew and that’s why I think Anandi and him as my own kids. Leela thinks get scared of God. Bhavan ends the call. Ratan apologizes to Khim ji.

Anandi thinks to go out next morning and thinks of an idea. She starts sweeping the floor. Ratan asks her to sweep properly else keep the broom down. Anandi says I am helping you. Ratan asks her to go out and play.

Prem ji tells Sejal that Kalpesh had drank wine. He says he didn’t know any more details. Jigar comes there with Gopal. Gopal cries. They see her having lipstick and hair clips. Prem ji scolds him. Sejal says it is girl’s stuff, you shouldn’t do this. She asks God to give some intelligence to him. Ratan shows her bridal dress to Anandi. Anandi says she wants to try. Ratan refuses and says it is worn by married woman only. Khim ji says your mother was looking beautiful when we got married. Anandi says I will get this bridal outfit when I get married and asks if I shall keep it safely. They recall her child marriage. Ratan says you shall keep it safely till your last breath and says a married woman is laid to rest wearing it when they die. Anandi says when men die, then? Ratan asks her to keep it.

Prem ji tells Khim ji that he has done all the arrangements. Khim ji says they will reach soon. Prem ji says I can’t wait and tells that he talked to him also. Khim ji, Ratan, Kalpesh and Anandi get ready. Ratan asks where are we going? Khim ji says I will tell and asks about Anandi. Anandi comes wearing red dress given by Prem ji and smiles.

Voiceover: A person caught in the vicious circle of lies can neither get out of it nor is able to fulfill it and goes on making compromises one after the other.


Balika Vadhu 2 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Someone snatches dolls from Anandi’s hands. Later Anandi is sent to her inlaws home. Anandi cries.


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