Balika Vadhu 2 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 5th October 2021 Episode starts with Anandi knocking on the door, seeing the rats. Khim ji is returning back home, when he gets Ratan’s call. She asks did you reach Raigarh, make me talk to her. Khim ji says I have to return to Devgarh for urgent work. Diwari tells Maadi Baa that the girl is shouting and not keeping quiet. She says let me go to her, I will make her quiet and asks her to give keys.

Maadi Baa gives her keys. Diwari takes the keys and goes. Anandi knocks on the door and says she is very scared. Diwari opens the door. Anandi tries to go out. Diwari says she is not sympathetic towards her and asks why are you shouting if someone is eating you. Anandi says there are big rats here and something was crawling, if there is a snake then? Diwari says you want to go out and argue with me.

She takes the rope and ties her hands, asks her to be quiet. She says I will see how you knock the door now. Jigar takes out some money from his cupboard and says I will bring food for Anandi from outside. Kanku says how we will give her food, Maadi Baa has keys. Jigar says we shall have courage to do something.

Anandi thinks her hands are tied, thinks what to do. Sejal gets Ratan’s call and thinks what to tell, if she asks about Anandi. She picks the call and says jai shrikishan. Ratan asks where is Anandi, and tells that the mug given by Prem ji is broken and that’s why she got worried. Sejal says Anandi is very much fine and I can understand a mother’s heart.

She says she is playing with Kanku outside. Ratan believes her and ends the call. Sejal feels apologetic to lie to her. Anandi sits scared while the rats are running, she asks Baa, why did you leave me here? I am very scared here.

Jigar brings food. Kanku says how we will make the food reach Anandi. He says we will do this after dinner. Anandi is scared. Everyone sits to have dinner. Babu ji asks if Anandi stopped crying. Moti Baa says she must have got tired of crying. Maadi Baa comes to the dining table and says lets have food. She asks what happened,

if you all insult food due to that girl and asks them to have food. Everyone start having the food. Anandi feels thirsty and thinks nobody keeps water here, someone shall make her drink water. Jigar says I have finished dinner, can I go Badi Dadi Baa? Maadi Baa says ok. Kanku also goes. Jigar uses stair and looks inside the storeroom through the window. He looks at her through the window and tells that her hands are tied,

how she will take food. Kanku asks Jigar to go inside. Jigar says ok and asks her to hold the mobile. Maadi Baa comes there and asks what are you both doing here. Jigar tries to go inside and comes out. Maadi Maa asks what circus is happening here? She takes food packet from her hand. Sejal, Moti Baa and Babu ji come there. Maadi Baa tells that they were taking jalebi and dhokla for that girl, through the window. Diwari says she has made Kanku as my enemy. Sejal asks Jigar to come down.

Jigar comes down and tells Maadi Baa that she has done very wrong thing and says I will not bear such order. Maadi Baa says you will raise question on my decision and holds me wrong. Jigar says yes, as the punishment given by you is not right. He says Anandi didn’t do a big mistake, that you gave her a big punishment. Maadi Baa says I didn’t punish her, I am teaching her a lesson. Jigar says she is locked in the storeroom, hungry and thirsty and couldn’t sleep in night also. Sejal says you can’t talk to her like that.

Jigar says teachers are not allowed to beat students now, and even parents don’t punish the kids this way. Diwari says you don’t like her. Jigar says I don’t like her, but I will never punish her. Diwari says you are spoiled because of her and misbehaving with elders. Jigar asks if elders do this thing with kids. He goes. Kanku says you have done wrong with Bhabhi. Diwari asks her to apologize to Maadi Baa. Kanku goes from there.

Maadi Baa is in her room, when the laddoo plate falls down from the thakur ji’s table. She asks if you are angry with me, if you will not have food, as Anandi didn’t have food. She tries to listen to him. Anandi sits with her eyes closed and says Baa, please make me have water. Maadi Baa comes there and opens the lock. She brings food plate and the lamp. Anandi says she didn’t do anything and asks her not to beat her. Maadi Baa says I will open your rope. She frees her hands and asks her to eat food. Anandi asks shall I drink water, I am very thirsty.

Maadi Baa gives her water. Anandi drinks and says thank you, for bringing food for me. She says why you didn’t bring it before, and says my Baa tells that everyone shall love kids, like you love bal gopal, but you punish the kids. Maadi Baa asks her to have food and says Yashoda Maiyya used to punish Bal gopal, but she used to feel pain. She says Maa punished children to teach them a lesson. Anandi says I will not do this again and asks Maadi Baa, if she likes her.

Voiceover: No matter how harsh and insensitive she may appear from outside, the mother is always alive in a woman.


Balika Vadhu 2 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anandi thinks Prem ji kaku’s family members are bad and thinks she don;t want to stay here. She leaves from the window and walks on the road. She collides with someone and continues to walk.


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