Balika Vadhu 2 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 4th October 2021 Episode starts with Maadi Baa telling Prem ji that she doesn’t like kulfi, but it is not that bad. Prem ji says Anandi has brought it. Maadi Baa says she will go and wash her hands. She sees Anandi and Kanku going and stops them asking where are they going? Kanku says they were going to have food, while Anandi says they are going out. Maadi Baa gets doubtful hearing their different answers.

Maadi Baa finds her mangalsutra missing and asks where she has kept it? Kanku says they are going to search it. Diwari asks what is in your hand? Anandi shows the mobile. Diwakar Bhai comes there and tells that his son has taken mangalsutra from Anandi inexchange of phone. Diwari checks mangalsutra and says it is of Anandi.

Diwakar apologizes and goes. Sejal says Anandi, if you want phone, then you would have told me or Kaku, why did you take phone inexchange of mangalsutra. Maadi Baa slaps her hard. Anandi falls down. Maadi asks if she sold shame, mind etc. She says you have given your mangalsutra for your phone, and says this girl doesn’t deserve to be our bahu, call her father and asks him to come and take him.

Khim ji is on the way and talks to someone saying that he can’t come, and is away from the village. He then tells that he will try to reach back in 2 hours. Prem ji stands shocked. Anandi hugs him. Prem ji says you have done wrong Anandi. Anandi says even you. Khim ji thinks he has to return without Anandi.

Prem ji gets a call from Chaudhary Saheb and tells that he will come there on time. He tells Sejal that he has to leave now itself for Ahmedabad. Sejal holds his hands and signs at Anandi. Prem ji brushes off her hand and leaves. Anandi cries. Diwari asks why did you do this, why did you give your mangalsutra? Maadi says she has no signs for being a bahu and says she will ruin Anjaria family’s respect.

Diwari asks Anandi to say, else she will slap her. Kanku says she has bought phone for me. Diwari asks for what? She recalls Anandi telling that phone is useful. She asks Anandi if she wants to come between mother and daughter and says she looks simple and conspiring against me. She says Kanku had come to me with the phone demand, but I refused.

She says Anandi must have thought that if she gets her phone, then she will win Maadi Baa’s heart. Anandi says Kanku didi really needs the phone for studies as her phone is not working and Mota bhai asked me to give the necklace and take the phone, and says it was troubling me. Maadi Baa says it was Mangalsutra. Sejal says Anandi doesn’t know the difference between Mangalsutra and Necklace.

Maadi Baa asks her to tell that it is woman’s life, respect, soul etc. She says you have done wrong, if we don’t punish her now, then she will sell all the family members. She drags Anandi holding her hand and takes her from there. Everyone walk behind Maadi Baa to stop her. She brings her to the dark storeroom and says she will be locked here till morning and then only she will get some intelligence, if she stays here hungry and thirsty. Sehaj says she is a small girl. Anandi says she can’t stay here and apologizes to her, says I just wanted to make Kanku didi happy, I will not give my mangalsutra to anyone.

Maadi Baa pushes her inside the storeroom and closes the door. Everyone looks on helplessly. Anandi comes to the door and knocks on the door. Maadi Baa locks the door with the lock.

Anandi pleads for forgiveness and says she will not do this again. Maadi Baa says if anyone helps Anandi then it will be known that you don’t respect me, tells that whatever she is doing is for the family’s betterment. Moti Baa comes there and cries. Sejal also cries. Jigar and Kanku feel bad for Anandi, while Diwari smiles. Maadi Baa goes. Anandi thinks nobody is listening to me. Diwari checks the lock and door, and says door and lock are both strong, this girl can’t come out at any cost.

Anandi gets worried and scared. Maadi Baa prays to Maa Ashapura and asks her to save them from Anandi’s sin. Anandi cries in the kothri and hopes that her parents take her away from there. Sejal calls Prem ji, but his number is unreachable. She thinks what to do? Jigar tells Kanku that Anandi doesn’t deserve this punishment and says I wish I could have helped her. Anandi sees rats in the storeroom and knocks on the door asking Maadi Baa to open the door. Maadi Baa hears and tells that the girl is shouting and don’t want to serve the punishment.

Anandi shouts more and says she is scared and asks her to open the door. Maadi Baa takes out her mobile from the pillow and plays the bhajan in her secret mobile so that she don’t hear Anandi. Jigar says how to help Anandi? Kanku says bhabhi is in this trouble, due to me. Anandi says we shall give her favorite food. Kanku says if we get from kitchen? Jigar says not from kitchen. He tells something.Bacche galtiyan na kare toh who bacche nahi hai. Aur jo nasamjhi me huyi unki ghalti ko paap ki sangya dede, who bade nahi hai.

Voiceover: If Children don’t do any mistakes, then they are not children. And those who call their mistake as sin due to their childishness are not elders.


Balika Vadhu 2 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Next day, Anandi thinks Kaku ji’s family members are not good and packs her bags. She escapes through window. Prem ji and Sejal come to her room. Anandi is seen walking on the road.


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