Balika Vadhu 2 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 3rd September 2021 Episode starts with Ratan telling Khim ji, if he saw how Anandi handled Jigar. Khim ji asks if we shall continue the lie which we told to everyone years back. Ratan thinks what will happen, if Anandi comes to know. Jigar tells Prem ji and Sejal, that Sir got happy when he gave the doll to him. Prem ji says that doll was given to you by Anandi, to make you happy. Jigar goes from there upset. Sejal asks him to love jigar, atleast half of love which he gives to Anandi. She gets upset too. Anandi does garba. Godaveri laughs. Ranchod comes there and scolds Anandi and Dhingli to go. Godaveri says they are small children. Ranchod asks her to go to temple and then come home, tells that if you see your beauty then I will not let you go out. Anandi says who will teach me garba now.

Khim ji asks Ratan to bring the roti. Kalpesh shouts asking her to bring roti. Ratan brings roti and gives to Khim ji. Kalpesh says she brought roti as I called her. Anandi asks did you ever shout or slap at her. Ratan says never, he never shouted or raised hand on me, he kept me like a rani. Anandi asks Kalpesh not to cry. Khim ji tells Anandi that a weak man raises hand on his wife, and all men shall respect their wives. Anandi thinks Ranchod shall keep his wife as a rani. Anandi later sees Godaveri in the temple and moving her legs and hands to dance, but controls herself and runs out.

She thinks how to stop myself. Anandi searches for Godaveri and sees her dancing. Ranchod comes to the temple and thinks where is she? Godaveri continues to dance and sees Anandi standing and watching her. She covers her head and asks Anandi why did you come here? Anandi says I saw you here. Pandit ji completes the puja in the temple. Ratan looks for Anandi. Godaveri tells Anandi that she can’t teach her garba. She says did you remember what Ranchod Bhai said. Anandi says you shall do garba and I will watch you and learn. Godaveri says I will teach you, but on a condition, says nobody shall know that I am doing garba here. Anandi asks her to do garba.

Ranchod thinks if she is behind the temple. Godaveri teaches her steps. Anandis ays you dances well without music. Godaveri says it is in the heart and asks her to try and listen. Ranchod comes there. Godaveri and Anandi hide. Ranchod goes from there. Godaveri says if he comes to know then what will he do? Anandi says you will not tell him. Ratan comes there and says I was searching you. Anandi says she met Bhabhi. Ratan asks her to come. Anandi says they shall take bhabhi with them. Ratan says surely. Jigar wears the shoes and thanks Prem ji. He hugs him. Jigar says do you love me, like you love Anandi. Prem ji says you are my son and I got Anandi because of you.

Jigar says do you love me more or Anandi as you always take the gifts for her. Prem ji tells that she stays far and that’s why he takes gifts for her. Jigar says now he likes Anandi, and says he will befriend her when she comes here. He says even you and Baa don’t fight. Anandi does garba in the school premises. Teacher scolds Anandi and asks what are we planting. Anandi says jamun. Teacher punishes her and asks her to stand far with her hands high. Anandi sees nightingale and says coo. All the kids join her and dance. Teacher takes stick to beat her, and walks towards her and falls down. All the kids scold her. Anandi helps her get up and scolds the kids. She apologizes to the teacher. Teacher forgives her.

Kalpesh jumps the wall to come to bhavan’s house. He sees Leela working and thinks Mami will not know. He searches the wine bottle and gets it. He opens the cap and is about to drink. Anandi comes home and tells that she brought jalebis, calls Kalpesh. Ratan says he went with you. Anandi says he didn’t go to school. Leela finds him unconscious and bottle beside her. Ratan gets worried for him.


Balika Vadhu 2 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dr. Sharda tells Kalpesh’s condition happened as he drank excessive wine. Later Ratan is about to slap Anandi for telling Dhingli. Khim ji comes there and shouts at Ratan.


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