Balika Vadhu 2 30th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 30th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 30th August 2021 Episode starts with Anandi telling the lady that Dhingli was with her since her childhood and she never harmed her. The girl’s mother looks on. Anandi goes with Dhingli. Khim ji brings the glass pieces and shows to Inspector. Inspector says it doesn’t have wine smell in it. Khim ji tells that Naag ji had previously also did this. Naag ji brings the worker and tells that he was selling wine keeping in his mango baskets. Khim ji thinks I know him very well. Naag ji says I became Sarpanch by tackling all these problems. Anandi gives sweets to Dhingli and asks her to do her homework. Dhingli says what teacher will say? Anandi says she will make an excuse.

Dhingli agrees to do half homework. Anandi hears Kalpesh’s friend telling about him acting to be unwell, and that he gave him tip to keep onion to get fever. She comes home and thinks she will teach him a lesson. Khim ji asks her to come. Anandi says mota bhai is unwell since 2 days, we shall take him to doctor. Khim ji says yes, we shall take him. Kalpesh says I will be fine by tomorrow. Khim ji asks if his fever comes with his permission. Anandi laughs and says he didn’t get fever, he called it itself. Ratan says you are laughing at your brother. Anandi says she is saying right, and takes out onion from his under arms. Khim ji asks Kalpesh if Anandi is saying right. Kalpesh cries and hugs Ratan. Ratan scolds Anandi and asks her to go and change her uniform. Anandi tells about Daya behen telling a lady not to send the girl inside the school with Dhingli, as she is inauspicious.

She tells that she argued with Dayabehen. Khim ji appreciates her and asks Kalpesh if he understands that he has done a big mistake. He says if anyone comes to know then they will make fun of you and asks if anyone troubles him in school. Kalpesh nods no. Khim ji says you will know the difference of right and wrong if you are not educated. He says if you don’t want to tell me, then shall inform either of us. Ratan says he will not do this again. Dhingli comes home and asks Kadvi Baa, if she was feeling. Kadvi baa says she had fallen down and that’s why came to rest. Dhingli goes to shop the bangles. A lady asks her to go to other place. Anandi is reading the book and feeling sleepy. Ratan asks her to read. Anandi says I am reading and falls asleep. A neighbor comes there and wakes her up. She asks where is Dhingli, today you are studying. Anandi tells Ratan that she is going to Dhingli to do the homework and goes. She comes to the market and sees Dhingli trying to sell the stuff. Dhingli tells that the lady scolded her. Anandi thinks to do something. She asks a guy to buy stuff for his wife. The guy says he is unmarried, so for whom he shall buy. Anandi sees a lady and tells that she is looking beautiful in red saree, but black bindi is not matching. The lady asks about the bindi price. Anandi asks her to come to the shop. She sells 4 packets for Rs 100 and convinces the lady.

Bhavan is gambling in the wine shop and sees Kalpesh going sadly. He asks what happened. Kalpesh tells that he cried due to Anandi and then Bapu asked him to stop crying like kids. Bhavan laughs and says he will make him the real man. Kalpesh asks what is he drinking? Bhavan tells that it is wine, and asks him to drink to forget his sorrows. Kalpesh thinks of Anandi teasing him. He drinks and vomits. He holds his head and faints. Bhavan gets worried for him.

Dhingli tells Anandi that Nani Baa will get very happy. She says we shall have something. Anandi says it is wrong, this is Nani Baa’s money. Dhingli says she will buy a bed for Nani Baa and then will marry. Anandi says marriage.

Voiceover: When the unripe child’s mind is unable to differentiate between right and wrong, then it accepts evil as right.


Balika Vadhu 2 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anandi wears the lehenga brought by Prem ji happily. Prem ji thinks he is waiting for the day when his Anandi comes to his house as his bahu.


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