Balika Vadhu 2 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 2nd December 2021 Episode starts with Jigar seeing Anand and going. Bhairavi tells Maadi Baa about Diya liking a guy and wanting to marry him, so Mehul and she agreed for the relation. Maadi baa says fine. Bhairavi introduces Anand. She asks him to meet Jigar and Anandi. Jigar meets Anand.

He says that’s Anandi. Anand and Anandi see each other. They smile. Jigar looks at their smiles. He holds Anandi’s hand. Anand greets her. He sees her wearing two different earrings. Bhairavi asks them to make Diya ready. Maadi baa asks Sejal to see if Kanku got ready, the groom’s family will come.

Jigar goes on a call. Anand says you look different. Anandi says I m not eight year old now. He says different than the morning meeting girl. She says we shouldn’t talk about it. He asks areyou fine. She says yes, since I started trusting myself than others. He asks is everything fine between you and Jigar, you were uncomfortable with him.

Jigar comes and says you are talking a lot. Anand says Anandi will decide it. Jigar says she doesn’t want to talk, she broke her friendship with you. Anand asks are you her brother, she has a voice, let her talk. Jigar scolds him.

Anandi says I can explain Anand myself. Jigar asks her to get coffee for him. She goes. Bhairavi asks Anand to get ready and come, its Diya’s engagement. Anand says thanks for reminding me. Mehul welcomes Vikrant. Jigar sees the same girl he was teasing. He says what is she doing here. Bhairavi welcomes Kiara. Jigar hides and smiles seeing her. Anand goes to get Diya. He sees Anandi getting Diya. Jigar winks to Anandi and smiles. He sees Anand staring at her. Vikrant says Diya is looking pretty.

Kiara says her brother is quite cute. He says don’t even think. Anand compliments Diya. He applies the black dot to Diya and Anandi also. Vikrant hugs Diya. They compliment each other. Jigar goes to Kiara and says surprise, you still remember me, lets be friends. Kiara says you will be in jail for this attitude. He calls her a liar. They argue. He asks her to go and shout to tell everyone. He says nothing will happen, he is a guy, he can tease hot girls. She says enough, just wait and watch. She goes.

Kiara goes to Vikrant and says that guy was teasing me. He says not now Kiara, forget it, we can’t mess up this engagement, so enjoy, have fun. Vikrant and Diya exchange the rings. Kiara greets Anand. He says I m Anand. She says I heard a lot about you from Diya, we should spend time together. Anand says I m going back to US. She says we can have friendship. He thinks Anandi isn’t on social media. He sees Jigar holding Anandi’s hand.

Anandi says leave my hand, I don’t like this. Jigar says get habitual to this, you will be officially mine when you turn 18 years, just two days for it, then I can hold your hand anytime. She pinches his hand. Anand thinks something is odd between them. Mehul asks the guys to have some music and dance. Vikrant and Diya dance on Mahi ve. Everyone dances.

Jigar dances with Kiara on Ainvayi ainvayi…. Vikrant looks on and signs her to handle it. Anand and Anandi see each other. Anand asks what’s the problem between you and Jigar. Anandi says you are the problem. He asks do you keep this attitude for me, you get silent in front of Jigar. They dance on Chup mahi…. Jigar looks at them angrily.


Balika Vadhu 2 3rd December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jigar scolds Anandi. She says don’t create any scene here. He says you will be mine in two days.


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