Balika Vadhu 2 28th December 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 28th December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 28th December 2021 Anandi feels upset about not getting her bag. Jigar misses to see her. Anand and Anandi notice Ragini with a bag and run towards her. She throws the bag inside the storeroom. Both Anandi and Anand enter inside to get it. Anandi realises that the bag inside room isnt hers and Ragini fooled her.

Before she can move out, Ragini thinks Anandi is alone inside and locks her up. Anandi and Anand knock to ask for help. Ragini realizes there is another guy inside with Anandi and thinks it will be more fun.

Jigar looks around in all green rooms to find Anandi. He collides with Ragini and asks if she has seen Anandi. He says he is her husband. Ragini says she saw her dancing on stage and hasn’t seen after that. Jigar gets annoyed and leaves.

Ragini tells her friends that it will be fun when they find her in morning locked with another guy. Diya thanks Bhairavi for saving her on right time. However when she tells Bhairavi that Anandi doesn’t know anything about plan and all this is done by Anand, she gets angry and asks her to call Anandi and Anand back immediately.

Bhairavi says that if Maadi Baa comes to know she will really be angry. Maadi Baa comes and asks why will she be angry for. She asks Anandi to answer. Bhairavi says as she got late to take laxative for her.

She hands it to Maadi Baa and she tells she is going to sleep and asks Anandi (Diya) to come along. Diya gets nervous and thinks what to do. However while leaving Maadi Baa sees Diya’s face in mirror and get shocked. She asks what she is doing in Anandi’s dress and where she is.

Kiara wonders where Anandi and Anand are. She asks Ragini about it and she lies that Anandi already left for home. Kiara goes to have drinks and enjoy party while Jigar’s friend eyes her. Anandi and Anand try to call someone by knocking but no one can hear due to loud music. Jigar is going towards storeroom but leaves due to call from his friend. Anandi and Anand have their usual banters. Anand tells he has phone and can call someone for help.

Anandi scolds him for not thinking about it before. Anandi says there is no network. She gets up on ladder and tells that still there is no network. Anandi slips down and gets sprain. She asks Anand for help. He helps remove the sprain by pressing her ankle. They share a lovely moment but then while Anandi is getting down with his help, her mangalsutra gets stuck in Anand’s shirt button due to which it breaks down completely.

Anandi tries to pick up the beads. The episode ends with Anandi saying Anand that why she needs to keep reminding him that she is already married and recalls her child marriage.

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