Balika Vadhu 2 27th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 27th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 27th September 2021 Episode starts with Maadi baa telling Anandi that she was about to leave her in 15 mins, now you have to start it again for 2 hours. She asks her to start and sleeps. Anandi continues to massage her feet. Maadi Baa sleeps. Diwari also sleeps outside. Anandi is about to fall down on her feet, while Maadi Baa asks what is she doing? She asks her to go. Anandi goes from there.

Sejal feels bad for Anandi and tells that she told me that Maadi Baa made her massage her feet. She says what Ratan will think if she comes to know about this. Prem ji says he won’t let her suffer, he will talk to Maadi baa to be polite with her and says Anandi is like Khim ji. He praises her.

Next day, Sejal brings warm water for Maadi Baa. Maadi Baa scolds her. Anandi comes there and asks why are you drinking warm water. Sejal says Maadi Baa’s stomach is upset since morning. Anandi asks if the way is closed, and says I have a solution. Maadi Baa says she has done many solutions. Anandi asks her not to drink warm water and brings churan tablet and mixes it in the warm water, asks her to drink it. Maadi Baa drinks it and runs to loo. Anandi says it seems she got. Maadi Baa comes back.

Anandi asks did you get? Maadi Baa asks everyone to go. She asks Anandi if the tablet will be get in the market. Anandi says yes. Prem ji and Sejal looks on. Prem ji tells Sejal that Maadi Baa and Anandi were talking nicely and tells that she is not bad at heart, but strict. Sejal says whatever, her behavior is not good with Anandi. Anandi comes there and asks Prem ji to take her to her parents’ house, as she is missing them.

Prem ji says he will take her once Maadi Baa goes. Anandi goes. Prem ji says if I could, then I will not let Anandi return. Sejal says what are you saying and says what will happen when the truth unfolds. She says what will happen when Maadi Baa comes to know that Gauna is a drama and Anandi doesn’t know about her wedding.

Kadvi Baa comes to Ratan’s house. She asks where is Anandi? Ratan says Anandi is still there, Moti Baa was unwell so wanted Anandi to stay there. Dhingri says shall I go there? Ratan says no. Kadvi Baa says you shouldn’t have let Anandi stay here, says jigar is not that small now. Ratan gets worried for Anandi.

Diwari calls Anandi and asks her to play with her. Anandi asks can we play marbles? Diwari says I have more good game than this, truth game and asks her to tell one truth about the other, after the other. Anandi says you are very beautiful, but you are very dangerous and I get afraid of your voice. Diwari laughs. Anandi asks didn’t you feel bad? Diwari says no. She tells her that everyone was telling her that her marriage was fixed with Jigar in her childhood, but the truth is that your marriage…….

Babu ji comes there and shouts at Diwari. He sends Anandi to play with Kanku and asks Diwari what was she doing? Diwari says she was about to tell Anandi, and will enjoy seeing her pain. babu ji slaps her hard and says you didn’t have sympathy on the little girl, if you do anything wrong with her, then it won’t be good. Diwari gets upset. Prem ji calls everyone.

Dhingri asks Kalpesh to call Anandi. Ratan says what will happen if they see her in sindoor and mangalsutra. Kalpesh tells that Anandi might be doing house work. Ratan asks Kalpesh to go and try the kurta brought by Khim ji. Kalpesh goes. Ratan tells Kadvi Baa that she asked Anandi to help Sejal in house work, as she has to work there after marriage. Kadvi Baa asks Dhingri to come tomorrow and talk to her. They leave. Ratan thinks when Anandi returns, everyone’s questions will be over.

Prem ji tells everyone that they have won the case which was going on since 15 years. Maadi Baa gives the credit to her dewar ji/bapu ji. Prem ji gives the credit to Anandi. Maadi Baa says you shall give credit to my Kanha ji. She asks him to go and bring sweets for everyone. Anandi asks Prem ji to bring kulfi for her, as she couldn’t eat that day. He leaves.

Later Maadi Baa shows the stick to Babu ji and says it was given by Gandhi ji to our babu ji. He says yes, I remember. Anandi comes there and gives her water. She asks if I can touch it and is about to touch. Maadi Baa hits on her head stopping her. She then asks Devraj babu ji to keep the stick safely. Anandi comes to Jigar and tells him about the stick given by Gandhi ji to Babu ji’s father. Jigar says I knew it.

Anandi says I wanted to touch it, but Maadi Baa didn’t let me touch it. He says he had played with it. Anandi asks why are you playing the ball against the wall and offers to play with him. Jigar throws ball at her and it hits on her head. Anandi falls down and her forehead starts bleeding. Jigar apologizes to Anandi and says I thought you will catch the ball. Diwari comes there and presses on the injury, hurting Anandi more. Sejal and Prem ji come there. Prem ji asks Diwari to move hand from her injury.

Diwari says the blood will stop flowing. Maadi Baa comes there and scolds Prem ji and says she is more than her Saas. Prem ji says I was telling.. Maadi Baa says if you had taken thakur ji’s name like taking Anandi’s name, then your life would have become successful. She asks him to become like Diwari and says she is your real sister. Diwari says I am habitual to hear such things. Maadi Baa asks Anandi what was the need to play with jigar, and says if you play with him again then I will break your legs. Prem ji and Sejal are shocked. Anandi cries.

Voiceover: The hurt of harsh words is deeper and more painful than the external injury to the body.


Balika Vadhu 2 28th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anandi touches Maadi Baa’s Kanha ji. Maadi Baa asks her why did she wake up her thakur ji.Anandi says you was sleeping and I was getting bored. Maadi Baa says you can’t sit idle and demonstrate to clean the vessel to ask Anandi to do it. Anandi asks her to clean all the utensils.


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