Balika Vadhu 2 24th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 24th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 24th January 2022 Episode starts with Anand saying congrats, you finally got what’s your right. Anandi thanks him. He says this was imp for me also, thank Lord. She stops Sejal and says my relation with Jigar ended, but I can never end my relation with you both, you raised me as my parents,

I got much love from you, I don’t want to lose this love. Sejal says take care, we shall meet again. They leave. Bhairavi says we shall go home now, Anandi has won. Jigar comes to them. He says you like to support the truth, right, you played a game with me, I will play a game with you. Anand says I have no time to talk to you. Jigar says I will tell you what’s going on in your life. Bhairavi stumbles.

She says I m having low bp, take me home. Anand and Mehul take her. Jigar says you can act Kaki, once the truth comes out in front of Anand, then you will see. Anandi dances and thinks I got my freedom to fulfill my dreams. She makes halwa and eats. Anand asks Bhairavi not to take stress. She asks him to keep himself in her place and understand her. She asks him to say something. He asks her to take rest. She asks will you be at home. He says yes, mom.

Diya says I m so happy for you, you got free from Jigar and his orthodox thinking, why do you look upset. Anandi says I m happy but I have hurt Sejal a lot. Diya says don’t worry, they will realize that you did right, focus on your life, did you think what to do next. Anandi says yes, I will find a part time job and earn money,

I have to manage my future studies and living. Diya says I trust you, you can do it. Anandi says I have a talent to fight, I won’t lose, you and Anand are with me. Diya says yes, you can call me for anything. Anandi thanks her and says I really need your help.

Anand sits smiling. Diya says you look more happy than Anandi, like you got freedom. He says I m happy that she got free from a bad relation. She teases him. She asks him to propose Anandi. He asks what, I thought of it, but I have much imp work, I m talking to clients for my app, I will propose Anandi and then settle with her in the US, I have to get financial stability, you know how mom thinks about her. Bhairavi says Jigar will try to reach Anand, how will I protect Anand.

Mehul says don’t worry, we will find some way. Diya says Anandi will be lucky to get you. Anand gets a call. He asks what, really. He says I got an investor for my app. Bhairavi asks is this guy your mentor. He says yes, finally its happening. Mehul says I m happy, you did it. Anand says yes. Bhairavi asks him to go to US. He says yes, I will finish my work and go. She says we will do the packing. He says not so soon. Diya smiles.

Anandi comes to meet Anand and Diya. Diya congratulates her for winning the case. Anandi says Anand made this possible. She asks Anand to ask for anything he wants. Diya asks him to say it, its a good chance.

Anandi says he is lost again. Anand says we throw a party for us, but later, go now, bye. She goes. Diya asks him why didn’t he propose Anandi. He says I have to plan it well. Diya asks her to give a romantic surprise to Anandi. He says not so soon. She says just propose her and then leave it to fate. He says okay. Bhairavi hears this and gets angry. Jigar calls her and threatens her.

He says I was finding Sheela and found her outside the court room, tell me shall I tell her name or make Anand meet her. She says don’t do anything, Anand is going to the US. He says its no use now, he separated us and Anandi, I won’t let him propose Anandi. She cries. Anandi comes to the lawn.

She sees the decorations and dances. Anand comes. She asks you, did you do all this, where is Kiara. He says don’t say anything. He does poetry and says I love you Anandi, please marry me. She gets shocked. He says I didn’t feel this for anyone, we will settle in the US, I want to give you all the happiness, I will keep you happy, please marry me. She says I just…Jigar comes clapping. He says I came to see your love story, live.

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