Balika Vadhu 2 24th December 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 24th December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 24th December 2021 Episode starts with Anand seeing Anandi and smiling. She gets angry on him. He says Lord had sent me in your life as comic relief, and you are in my life as joker. She asks him to help. He steps on the balloon. Kiara says we will go home, get ready and come. Anandi says I won’t come. He asks why won’t you come. She says I don’t need to come.

He asks won’t you get permission from Maadi baa, just come. She says no, I can’t come, I have to go home, keep this money, its for the cake delivery. She leaves. Jigar argues with Prem. Prem says Anandi did right, she supported the truth, she didn’t tell your name, this marriage didn’t happen by her wish. Jigar says but it happened, what’s my mistake. Prem says you have to earn her love, you will get yourself jailed, you are wrong, you need to change, if you walk on the right path then Anandi will come to you.

Kiara looks for Diya. She sees the jewellery boxes. She checks the diamond necklace. She says wow, so beautiful. Diya comes. Kiara says sorry, I was just seeing that, we have a freshers party. Diya says wear my diamond set, you are like my sister, sisters share everything, just keep it, you have a matching dress, right. Kiara says it will suit anything. Diya says I will go and see Anandi.

Anand says she isn’t coming in freshers, she isn’t a normal human being. Diya goes to see. Diya shows a dress for Kiara. She says Kiara will wear this dress, what will Anandi wear today. Maadi baa says Anandi won’t go anywhere. Diya says seriously, its her college party, first year students go in such freshers party, its safe. Maadi baa says we won’t send her, she came here for studies, not party. Bhairavi says these things are also necessary. Maadi baa asks why, does this thing come in exam also, you focus on your daughter’s personality, I mean I can say yes, but Anandi will refuse, ask her.

She says Anandi, you don’t want to go, right, tell them. Anandi says I don’t want to go. Maadi baa says she is simple. Bhairavi and Diya go. Jigar says she will go in party. His friend says you said Maadi baa won’t allow her, don’t worry. Jigar says we will go there, if I see Anandi in the party, then I will call Prem and complain about her, I will stop her studies, if she isn’t there, then its fine, other girls would be there. His friend says nice idea. Diya says Anandi refused to come.

Anand says I have another plan. Anandi gets a call from Ragini. She says cake didn’t come till now, sorry Ragini. Diya fakes the call. Anand smiles. Diya asks her to come to the college with the cake. She says I will go and inform this to the principal. Anand acts like principal and talks to Anandi. He asks Anandi to get the cake, involve herself in the social activities. He says I want to see you here. He disconnects the call. She calls Kiara. She says she isn’t answering, what shall I do now.

Anandi comes to Anand and says please help. He says anytime. She says I have to take the cake to the college. He jokes. She says okay, I will go alone at night and come. He says look at your face, I was joking. Diya asks him to stop it, help Anandi. Anandi asks Diya to tell him to take her to college and bring her back before Maadi baa knows. Jigar and his friend leave for the party. Anand waits for Diya. Diya takes Anandi’s getup. Anand says you are the best. Diya asks him to bring Anandi back soon. He says I will just show the college party to Anandi and bring her home. Anandi gets angry and says he is getting so late when I need him.

Anand comes. She scolds him. He gets his bike. She asks bike, why, where is the car. He says there is much traffic, we can’t go and come in ten mins, its your call now. She sits on the bike. Anand races the bike. She holds his shoulder. They leave. Jigar is on the way. He says think fast and get our entry passes, we have to be there. Anandi gets the cake in the party. She sees the party going on. Anand smiles. She says I will give the cake to Ragini and come. He thinks I won’t let you go back without enjoying.


Balika Vadhu 2 25th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anandi performs dance on the stage. Jigar comes there.


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