Balika Vadhu 2 23rd December 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 23rd December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 23rd December 2021 Episode starts with Anandi trying to talk to Shreya about Anand. Shreya taunts her and say you are a stain on women empowerment, so you got married so soon. Anand gets expelled from the college. Principal says Shreya has filed a complaint against you, we can’t afford to lose your name. Anand says this is not fair, I want justice, I will talk to that girl. Principal says no, I can’t help, please leave. Anand says I m going to come back, I will stand for myself, I will be back with the truth.

Shreya talks to Jigar about Anand. Anandi hears them and goes close to see. She sees Jigar on the video call. Anandi says Jigar is doing this, I won’t let Anand’s life get ruined. She goes to Anand. He asks her not to create a scene, leave him alone. He goes. She calls Jigar and asks him to come to the college. She meets Jigar. She says stop it, I saw you talking to Shreya. He says fine, I did this, what is his problem, he is after you, I don’t like him, I would have not let you go to his home. She says you can’t ruin his life. He says I can do anything if its related to you.

She says I feel scared, you can fall to this level. He says I love you, I can’t take risk. She says don’t say this is love. He asks what will you do now, will you break promise, you have to keep marriage with me. She says I know, your actions are making it tough, I will support just the truth, you know it. He says fine, we will see what’s imp for you,

saving Anand or getting me arrested. He leaves. Kiara asks what is he doing here, did he trouble you again. Anandi says nothing. Kiara says Anand is rusticated, I m feeling bad for him, I wished his name gets cleared and he comes to college, its freshers tomorrow, I want to dance with you. Anandi asks do you want this, I want your help, will you help. Kiara says anything you say.

Maadi baa says I heard that Anand is expelled from the college, I can’t believe he can do this. He acts innocent. Kiara moves to Shreya and says your move was impressive, I know when you are saying truth and when not, I did the same with a guy. She fakes a story and says I asked 5lakhs to him, you should take a hefty amount, Anand is rich, they will give you good money to save their reputation. Shreya says I m a fool, I just took 10000rs, I was acting, Anand is innocent

. Anandi opens the door. Kiara smiles. Anandi says Shreya, you do good acting, but Kiara is also good. She shows the video recording. She says you should be awarded, shall I call the police, or will you take the complaint back. Anand asks what do you want now, shall I surrender to the police. Principal says no, come back to the college, Shreya took the complaint back, she confessed that she lied, we suspended her, Anandi made her tell the truth.

Anand goes to Anandi. He says it was you who helped me. She says no, I m on the girl’s side. He says your nose gets crossed when you lie, go and check if you don’t trust me. She says I trust you. He says my rustication is cancelled, thank you.

She jokes. He says we can be friends. She says never, we are opposites, like day and night. Anandi goes with Kiara. Kiara gives their names for the dance round. She says we have to win this competition, it will decide our position here, you should participate. Anandi says no. A girl looks on and goes to cut Anandi’s name. Kiara asks what did you do. The girl Ragini says don’t take my name, I m a senior, my dad is a trustee, so I will decide it, no married aunty can’t take part in this competition,

she can help in decoration work. She asks Anandi to fill sparkles in the balloons and order a cake for the party. She says balloon pump is damaged, you blow the balloons, have a nice day. She goes. Anandi asks Kiara to control, seniors are Lord till freshers night. Jigar calls Anandi and asks how dare you help Anand. She says you asked me to save him or get you arrested, I didn’t bring your name out, I supported you but I saved Anand. He argues. She scolds him for his narrow thinking.

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