Balika Vadhu 2 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 22nd September 2021 Episode starts with Maadi Baa telling that she gave much freedom to everyone and they slipped from her hand. Prem ji says it is not like that. Maadi Baa says she has come and will make everyone right and asks him to show the house, so that she can select the room for her kanha ji. Babu ji says it is good that she didn’t get much angry. Baa says we have to be careful.

Anandi shall be more careful now. Maadi Baa dislikes the room and tells Prem ji that she didn’t like any of the rooms. Prem ji says you can take whatever room you like. Sejal makes Anandi ready and make her sit in the swing. Anandi says she likes the room and the swing here, and forgets everything. Sejal makes her swing sitting on it. Anandi smiles and is happy. Diwari asks Maadi Baa to see this room and takes her to Anandi’s room. Madi Baa comes there and says this room is good.

She pretends to talk to Kanha ji and says thakur ji ok. She asks if this is Jigar’s room. Anandi says didn’t you see toys and dolls, this is my room. Maadi Baa looks at her and says thakur ji said that he likes this room and is very happy, told that he will stay here, this is Gokul for him. Prem ji gets shocked and says there is some other room too, which is big and spacious. He asks her to see. Anandi says you said that this room is best amongst all. Prem ji says I said just like that.

Maadi says she can stay anywhere, but Thakur ji liked this room and will stay here. Anandi asks if I will not stay in this room now. Prem ji asks her to take another room whichever she likes and leave this room for Maadi Baa’s thakur ji. Anandi says I will stay with Thakur ji here. Maadi Baa asks what do you think of yourself, to stay with Thakur ji. Sejal asks Anandi to obey elders silently and asks her to come.

Prem ji looks at Anandi seeing her crying and recalls bringing her there. Maadi Baa asks why did he give such a big room to Anandi and says jigar’s room is hers. Prem ji says she has to grown up to stay with Jigar and there is a lot of time for that. Maadi Baa asks him not to love bahu more than son else he will repent.

Sejal takes Anandi to another room and says this room is big and have beautiful curtains, bed etc. Anandi says this room is not having swing. Sejal says she will get it fixed and asks if she will be happy. Anandi says she was happy there, as it was princess’ room for her. Sejal asks if you cry for that room, even if your Kaku and I stay with you here. Anandi says ok. Sejal hugs and praises her.

Maadi Baa praises Diwari and says if I had a daughter then would be like you, so sweet, who takes care of everyone etc. She shows her bangles and says I bought it for just you. She asks how are you? Diwari says how she can be, Maa and Bapu forgot everything since Prem ji and his wife came, and now his bahu also came. She thinks I have a big news that Anandi is unaware that her marriage happened with jigar, but I can’t tell you this at this time. She says I was thinking that son is always dear to the parents. Maadi Baa says I know everything, world is such.

She asks her to have a son. Diwari gets up and says we will talk later, you take rest. Maadi Baa says ok and asks Thakur ji if he is happy to come in this palace like home. She says you was about to fall, due to that girl, but her destiny is good that she saved you. She keeps dry fruits for him and says I will give you delicious food.

Jigar comes there and touches Maadi Baa’s feet. Maadi Baa gives him 50 Rs shagun. Kanku comes there. Maadi Baa asks where was you, I have to give shagun to Jigar first as you didn’t come. She gives her 1000 Rs and blesses her. Anandi touches her feet and asks for her shagun. Maadi Baa says you are standing infront of me like a beggar, didn’t your parents teach you shame? Sejal asks Anandi not to feel bad and says Maadi Baa saying it like that. Maadi Baa says she meant it and asks Sejal to teach her.

Anandi says everyone says that Anandi is very understanding and respects elders. She says when you gave money to Kanku didi, I thought you will give me too. She says I am not a beggar. Maadi Baa says your tongue is so big. Anandi says my tongue is small and shows, and asks how did you feel that I have big tongue. Prem ji asks her not to talk much infront of elders. Maadi Baa asks where is your Pallu and scolds Moti Baa for not teaching Sejal to be good bahu and says atleast you would have taught her to be good saas. She asks Anandi to cover her head with pallu. Anandi says why? Kanku didi don’t wear the pallu. Maadi says you are comparing yourself with Kanku, she is the daughter of the house and you are daughter in law. Anandi says but. Sejal asks her to obey elders silently and pins her pallu. Maadi says now it is good.

Maadi Baa asks Anandi to come and asks her to show her hand. Anandi shows her hands. Maadi Baa asks her to touch her feet seeing her hands clean. Anandi touches her feet. Maadi Baa blesses her and says I will give you shagun when you become a good bahu. Later she tells that she doesn’t like this girl, don’t know if she will learn this house rules and customs. Anandi says my teacher tells that I learn new things fast. Diwari says she is clever with mind and learn things easily. Maadi Baa praises Diwari and says I couldn’t see any good quality in her. Diwari tells that when I made halwa, she was seeing it and says her Chula pujan shall be done today. Maadi Baa asks Sejal why Chula pujan is not done yet and asks her to do it now itself.

Voiceover: The thinking, behavior and action of a person who is prejudiced towards someone is affected by the same negativity.


Balika Vadhu 2 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Maadi Baa asks Anandi to make Laapsi before 2 pm. Anandi puts the wheat grains in cooker and closes it. Her hand gets twisted while holding the cooker and she shouts Baa. She lights the gas and moves back seeing the gas lighting.


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