Balika Vadhu 2 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 22nd October 2021 Episode starts with Prem ji praying to Maa Ashapura and says you knows well whatever I am going through. I told Khim ji in anger, to keep Anandi in his house, but now I have realized that I have done a big mistake. He says we have first Anandi on Anandi. Ratan scolds Anandi for talking to Jigar.

Khim ji asks what happened? Ratan says I was explaining to her, that she shall trust us and shall tell us if there is something. Khim ji says your mother is right, we would have almost lost you to Bangarans and asks her to forget everything as a bad dream and start over. Prem ji folds his hands before Maa Ashapura and decides to bring Anandi back.

Anandi tells Khim ji not to worry and says she will do as they says. She hugs them. Maadi Baa tells Prem ji that they will get an idea sitting near thakur ji. She shows the cage and the trick shall be like this. He asks what is it? Sejal comes from the opposite side. He hides the golden cage and says I have some work and goes with Maadi Baa.

Anandi thinks she has bought vegetables and has profit of 1.25 Rs. She hears Leela crying in her house and people telling that Bhuvan is a drunkard and is beating his wife. Anandi runs inside and asks him to stop Mami. He continues to beat her, and pushes Anandi down. Leela asks Anandi to run away. Bhavan scolds Leela for being childless.

Anandi comes out and takes phone from a lady. She calls Khimji and informs him that Bhavan is beating Leela. Ratan takes the call and asks if she is sure, as Bhavan can’t do this. Anandi says she is saying right. She ends the call and goes to call Dr. Sharda.

Khim ji and Ratan come to Bhavan’s house and gets shocked. Ratan slaps Bhavan. Bhavan tells that he is fed up of her, as she couldn’t give him baby. Dr. Sharda comes there and tells that there is no problem in Leela, but there is problem in Bhavan. She says Leela can become a mother, but he can’t become a father.

Leela says you have been beating me since years, and I was silent thinking I couldn’t become a mother. And today you have beaten me as you couldn’t father a child. Bhavan says Sharda is lying and wanted to have affair with me, but I refused etc. Sharda is shocked. Ratan scolds Bhavan and slaps him.

She slaps him repeatedly for accusing Sharda badly, for torturing Leela and for making Kalpesh have wine. Anandi brings Kadwi Baa and Dhingri there. They hear Leela’s confession about Bhavan beating her, and that he took Kalpesh to hospital as he made him drunk and he fainted.

Leela apologizes to Khim ji and Ratan for hiding this truth. Khim ji asks how dare he? Ratan beats Bhavan for making her son drunk. He says he didn’t make him drink. Anandi asks Ratan not to get angry, and says I can’t see you doing this. Kadvi Baa asks Ratan not to hurt herself due to Bhavan. She gives her water. Leela thanks Ratan for saving her and for supporting her. She says I have been bearing this since years, now I am happy.

She thanks Maa Ashapura and says no woman shall hear that she can’t become a mother, else she dies being alive. She says now it is enough, I will not stay with this man. She apologizes to Ratan and says now I can’t live with him. Ratan apologizes to her and says today she is feeling ashamed due to her brother.

Kadvi Baa appreciates Anandi for bringing her here, else Bhavan would have killed her. She tells Leela that she has taken the right decision and will stay here from on onwards. Anandi gets an idea and asks Leela to become mother of Dhingri, like Baa and me. Leela hugs Anandi and cries. She says only you can talk such good things, you showed me the way to live. She asks Dhingri if she will become her mother. Dhingri smiles and nods her head. Leela hugs Dhingri. Anandi tells Dhingri that she has become her sister now. Ratan says yes. Anandi hugs Dhingri.

Voiceover: When the ego of being a man is hurt, a man with an inferiority complex often becomes aggressive and unjust towards women. It is necessary that the woman strongly opposes this injustice.


Balika Vadhu 2 23rd October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Prem ji picks Anandi from school and tells her that they are going to Raigarh. She tries to escape from car and gets down. He catches her again and makes her sit in the car and drives off. Anandi cries.


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