Balika Vadhu 2 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 21st January 2022 Episode starts with Judge saying we will not wait for the witness today. Anand comes with Gauri and Sheela. Bhairavi and Mehul get shocked. She asks what is Sheela doing here, did Anand know everything.

Anand says sorry for being late, but I have the testimony for Anandi’s case. Prem says this woman was there in the marriage. Sejal says yes, she is Gauri, she will tell the truth. Prem says Jigar, you said Anand won’t get any proof, what is all this.

Bhairavi say we were worried for this. Mehul says maybe Sheela is the witness, we will go inside and see. She says no, Sheela can see us, we will request Sheela that she doesn’t tell anything to Anand.

Usha calls the witness Gauri in the witness box. Gauri swears to tell the truth. Usha asks do you know Anandi. Gauri says yes, she is Ratan’s daughter. Usha asks can you testify that Anandi and Jigar got married in their childhood. Gauri says she said right, child marriage always happens in our village, Prem ji got baraat to Ratan’s house, Anandi was eight months old, Anandi and Jigar got married in the moving truck,

Anandi’s family did wrong, but her parents are no more, Anandi shouldn’t get punished. Lawyer asks shall we believe you. Gauri says I have sworn to tell the truth. He says maybe they bribed you. Gauri says I attended the marriage, I made a video in my phone, I can show that. Jigar worries.

Judge sees the video. She says Anandi and Jigar had a child marriage. Jigar says I want to talk. Lawyer says my client wants to tell something. Jigar comes to the witness box. He swears to tell the truth. He says its true that Anandi and I had a child marriage, wrong happened with Anandi, I was just 4 years old, I had no sense,

I know child marriage is wrong but I fought the case because I love my wife, love isn’t wrong, I decided to take care of Anandi, I will support her in joy and sorrow, our parents did this mistake, its unfair if I get punished, I want to request you to give a chance to us to make a new start, don’t annul our marriage, I love Anandi a lot.

Anandi recalls his deeds. He says don’t snatch my love. Usha says Anandi wants to discontinue this marriage, give her the freedom. Judge says this case is sensitive, I would like to take a small break and then give the credit.

Anandi thanks Gauri for help. Gauri says you are like Ratan, Anand got us here, don’t worry, the court got the proof now. Anandi says Jigar made a story inside, if judge believes us and doesn’t annul our marriage then… Anand asks her to be positive. Sheela says don’t worry, we will come again if needed.

Anand says I will make you reach home. Usha calls our Anandi. Anandi and Anand go. Bhairavi holds Sheela’s hand and takes her. She asks what are you doing here, stay away from us. Gauri says we came here for some case, what are you doing here. Bhairavi says I came for some work, did you come to meet my son,

I will send the money, my son shouldn’t know that you are his real mum. Sheela says yes, but can I meet him once. Gauri asks Bhairavi not to worry. Jigar looks on and smiles. He says I was finding her, I will turn Anand’s life upside down. Bhairavi sees Anand. He asks what’s all this.

He asks why did you stop the witness from giving the statement for Anandi. Bhairavi says no, I was thanking Gauri. He asks do you know Sheela. She says no. He says you are going to buy the witness. Bhairavi says no. Sheela looks on and cries. Bhairavi asks why will I sabotage Anandi’s case. He asks really mom.

She says I dislike her because you waste time after her. He says its okay. They go. Sheela cries and says Anand is my son, I was right, no one believed me, I will tell him the truth that I m his mum. Gauri comes. Sheela says Anand is my son. Gauri stops her. She says don’t spoil his life, think about him, you will get him but he will lose his luxurious life and future, think. Sheela cries.

Judge says Jigar is also hurt, we respect his feelings when he appealed to get another chance, if Anandi and Jigar want to start a new life, then they can do it. Jigar smiles. Judge says they can do this after getting freed from this bad custom, the court annuls their marriage. Jigar holds his head. Anand and Anandi smile. Judge says Anandi and Jigar’s marriage is hereby annuled. Anandi sees Jigar.


Balika Vadhu 2 22nd January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anand confesses love to Anandi. He asks her to please marry him. Jigar claps for him. They fight. Jigar gets electrocuted.


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