Balika Vadhu 2 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 20th October 2021 Episode starts with Kanku getting a call and attends it. She talks smilingly. Anandi thinks with whom to play? She challenges Jigar to play with her, and if loses then he shall make her have kulfi. Jigar says ok. He plays stapoo with her. He laughs. Anandi says it is not that easy.

Jigar says I will do it again. Maadi Baa tells that this is the right time for Anandi to return to her sasural. Prem ji says Maadi Baa said right and says you knows well that I can gave her give upbringing and her golden future is here. Ratan asks are you telling this, and says her daughter had suffered when they left her here, and tells whatever Diwari told her. Khim ji is shocked.

Some boys come to Jigar and tease him for playing stapoo with a girl. Anandi says why can’t boys play the game played by girl? The boy asks if she is his younger sister. Khim ji grabs Prem ji’s collar and says you have changed your color like a squirrel. Maadi Baa asks him to leave him and says he is your samdhi.

She says our bahu Anandi will not go to her mayka. Sejal asks Maadi Baa to think about Anandi and says Ratan behen is her mother. Jigar tells the boys that she is Anandi. Kanku comes there and tells that she is Anandi, Khim ji kaka’s daughter. The boy asks who is her husband, if he don’t play stapoo. Jigar asks the boy, if he likes gossiping like girls. He says it is not easy. They leave. Anandi tells Jigar that he is not that bad, as he took stand for her. Jigar asks her to stay with them, if he is good. Anandi gets worried.

Khim ji says I won’t let anything wrong happen with Anandi. He says I respect you Maadi Baa, but I have responsibilities towards my daughter, and time has come to fulfill it. He says Anandi will return with us to Devgarh. Prem ji says you are doing a mistake. He says Anandi will stay here in her sasural and I will see, who will take my bhagyalakshmi from here. Prem ji looks angrily. Khim ji looks helpless.

Babu ji asks what happened? Prem ji says they got sad, as they couldn’t take Anandi with them. Babu ji says they will bear the pain. Khim ji says we will leave now itself and asks Ratan to call Anandi. Anandi tells Jigar that she will return with her parents this time, and asks him to come with her to Devgarh. Jigar smiles. Ratan searches for Anandi and thinks where did she go? She calls for Anandi.

Prem ji calls Ratan and asks her to stop. He asks her to take Khim ji. Ratan says you have no stop to your greed, and says you have forced your decisions on us since she is born. She says I won’t let anything wrong happening with Anandi. Kanku says I will miss you. Anandi says I will miss you and Jigar too. She thanks Jigar for saving her. He says I am your would be husband and asks her to inform him before eloping. Anandi says we can be friends.

They come home and sees Prem ji and Khim ji angry. Diwari thinks Prem ji has lost his precious friend Khim ji. Khim ji asks Prem ji to leave his hand and let him go. Prem ji sees Anandi and runs to her. He says you will stay here. Anandi is shocked. Khim ji says you will come with us. Prem ji says I got your room ready and says you shall stay here. Maadi Baa says whatever I did with you, is to give you a learning. Anandi tells that she wants to go home with her parents.

Anandi asks Khim ji if he didn’t forget his promise and reminds him. Ratan gives her hand to Anandi. Anandi holds her hand. They are about to leave and walk towards the outside door. Prem ji looks on. He asks Khim ji to take his daughter with him and keep her with him for forever. Khim ji, Ratan and Anandi look at him shockingly. Sejal asks Prem ji what is he saying? Prem ji pushes her. Prem ji says if Anandi steps out from here, then our relation with her and you both will end right here. Khim ji and Ratan are shocked and teary eyes. They hold Anandi’s hands and are walking out still. Prem ji is angry.

Voiceover: Selfishness and ego make a person void of conscience and destroy relationships completely.


Balika Vadhu 2 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anandi talks to Jigar on video call and tells that they used to have fun during Diwali. Jigar says I hope we can enjoy this year too. Anandi hopes the differences shall end between them. Just then the fan in Jigar’s room falls down. Anandi shouts Jigar.


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