Balika Vadhu 2 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 1st September 2021 Episode starts with Kalpesh picking Anandi’s doll and getting angry. He breaks the doll into pieces. Ratan asks Leela why she is looking weak and tired. Leela recalls asking Bhavan not to make Kalpesh get in bad company and not to make him get bad habit. Bhavan beats her. fb ends. Kalpesh thinks if Anandi sees the doll broken, then she will cry and will do drama. He thinks where to hide it. He keeps it in the cupboard. Anandi comes there and asks did you see my doll. He asks her to let him study. Anandi looks for her new doll. Leela says I am fine Ratan behen.

Anandi calls Ratan. Ratan goes. Anandi says my new doll is missing. Ratan says you scared me. Anandi says my doll was very lovely. They start searching for him. Kalpesh gets tensed. Ratan asks Anandi to go to room and check again. Anandi thinks shall I ask Mota Bhai to search my doll, no, he will shout at me again. She searches for it. Ratan and Khim ji come there. Ratan asks Kalpesh, if he has seen Anandi’s doll. He says no, I already told her. Ratan and Khim ji search the doll. Ratan is about to open Kalpesh’s cupboard, but he stops her and tells that he will see it. Later Khim ji finds another doll and shows to Anandi. Anandi says it is not the new one. Later Ratan finds Anandi’s broken doll in Kalpesh’s cupboard. She thinks either he has done this mistakenly or intentionally. Jigar and Gopal get ready in Sherwani. Gopal says he wants ghagra like he used to make him wear. Jigar laughs at Gopal. Gopal asks will you make me wear it. Prem ji says you are a man and have to look like your father. He asks the tailor to make sherwani for him. Anandi comes to Ratan and asks about the doll. Ratan says I will try to search it and asks her to go to school. Kalpesh comes downstairs to go to school. Ratan asks him to open the tiffin and see. He opens the tiffin and sees the broken doll. Ratan confronts Kalpesh. Kalpesh says it broke by mistake. Ratan punishes him and says you will not take your favorite food as tiffin today.He asks her not to tell Bapu. She says I will think what to do.

Prem ji comes to meet Anandi. Anandi tells that her doll is not found. Prem ji says he will get it with his magic power. He asks her to close her eyes and then see. He says it is there. Anandi asks Gopal to come and begin searching her doll there. She finds it inside the doll house and gets happy, telling everyone that she got the doll. Khim ji appreciates Prem ji. Prem ji then shows the another boy doll to Anandi. Ratan asks Anandi to give the breakfast to Jigar and Kalpesh. Anandi goes to terrace with Gopal. Kalpesh tells Jigar that Anandi showed tantrums infront of Prem ji. Jigar says she wants everyone’s attention. Anandi shows her dolls to Jigar and Kalpesh. Kalpesh thinks he had broken it. Jigar asks Anandi to give her gudda to him. Anandi refuses. Anandi shows her ghagra choli to Gopal. He says he will wear it and do garba with her. Kalpesh and Jigar badmouth about Anandi. Gopal gets ready and dances wearing ghagra with Anandi. Kalpesh and Jigar come there. Jigar gets furious on Anandi.

Voiceover: It is necessary for the healthy development of children, to keep them free from all kinds of prejudices.

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