Balika Vadhu 2 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 17th September 2021 Episode starts with Anandi telling that she can’t grind anymore and can’t do this penance. Sejal says I know, but you have do to penance. Ratan asks her to do and says you are my courageous daughter. Anandi says I am not lying. Ratan goes from there crying. Diwari comes behind her and says tomorrow we will call Bua ji and will get some other penance for Anandi. She can’t complete this penance. Ratan goes back to Anandi. Anandi says I can’t do this.

Ratan asks her to leave it. Sejal asks what are you saying? Ratan says I am saying truth, today she has proved her bapu wrong, he told that his daughter is very courageous, but she is not his Anandi. She doesn’t cry and makes the crying person happy. He always says that Anandi is Mata Ashapura’s blessings and will keep us proud. But today he will feel bad hearing Anandi accepted failure with the small thing.

Anandi sees sores on her hands and says Bapu is right, Anandi can’t see him losing and prays to God to help him. Anandi grinds fast. Jigar and Kalpesh boost her confidence. Jigar says just 5 mins is remaining. Anandi grinds 3 kgs moong. Ratan says my daughter has done her penance. Jigar and Kalpesh smiles. Sejal hugs Anandi. Diwari gets upset.

Anandi asks the goddess if she is not angry with her now and asks her to have bhog and rest. She asks Sejal what to do next. Sejal says last rasam is remaining. Anandi asks what is remaining now? Sejal shows the jalebis. Anandi tastes it and smiles. She says it is very tasty. Ratan asks her to be happy always. Anandi asks everyone to eat. Ratan gives her jalebis and goes to distribute to others. Anandi feels pain in her head. Khim ji and Prem ji return home. Anandi faints and falls down.

Everyone rush to her and sprinkle water on her face. She is still unconscious. Prem ji calls doctor. Doctor checks her and says she fainted due to tiredness. Anandi feels pain as doctor holds her hand. He sees her hand and asks how did the sores come on your hand. Khim ji and Prem ji get shocked. Doctor asks what she has done that she got sores? Sejal says for puja. Doctor says it is crime to make the kids do any kind of work, whether it is puja related. He asks Ratan to apply ointment on her sores.

Jigar feels bad for her and asks if she is fine now. Anandi says she is feeling cold on the sores, but not fine still. Jigar says you will be fine. Anandi says can I go and play? Doctor says education and playing are necessary for child’s growth. Prem ji, Khim ji and Ratan feel bad for her.

Ratan tells that she has given her medicine and she will be fine. Prem ji appreciates Anandi’s courage and says once she decides she do it. Anandi says she had slept much and likes to play. Jigar asks when she doesn’t sleep. Anandi says she doesn’t like this puja. Jigar, Kalpesh and Kanku look at each other. Prem ji and Sejal apologize to Ratan and Khim ji. Khim ji says it is ok, you people didn’t do anything intentionally. Ratan tells whatever happened today was not right and tells that she wanted her gauna to happen when she grown up. She says she wants her to be educated and stand on her feet like Kalpesh. Khim ji says we will return in the morning.

Khim ji tells Prem ji that they want to go back as Anandi has school and they have work. Prem ji asks him to go once she is fine. He opens the door and finds Bau ji on the door. Anandi tells Kanku that she likes to do garba. Kanku says we will do it together. Anandi says your mother will not let us dance. Kanku says we will do something. Baa tells Bau ji that she thought she will die and Prem ji fulfilled her wish and got Anandi’s gauna done. He asks them to give him sweets and goes to meet Anandi. Anandi asks what did you bring for me? He says I didn’t know you was here, so haven’t brought anything and asks her to have medicines for now.

He then shows her chocolates. Anandi says chocolates and gets happy. She says you was fooling me. He says no, you are everyone’s favorite. Ratan asks Anandi to touch his feet and takes his blessings. He stops her and says he is happy that she became his grand son’s wife. He makes her have chocolate and Anandi smiles. Diwari thinks her magic is working on him.

Voiceover: The innocence of children is like the beauty of flowers. Captivates everyone.


Balika Vadhu 2 18th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anandi collides with an old lady and the latter scolds her. Anandi says even you could have been careful while walking. The lady says if you was my house bahu then I would have made you right by constant beating.


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