Balika Vadhu 2 16th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 16th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 16th September 2021  Episode starts with Ratan asking the possessed guy to spare Anandi from the punishment as she is very small and doesn’t deserve this. Anandi prays to the Goddess in her temple and says I didn’t do anything wrong, if I die being hungry. Ratan pleads infront of the possessed guy and tells that her daughter is hungry since morning and asks him to forgive her.

The guy says I can’t forgive her, as the girl and her saas shall do penance, as the mistake happens due to Saas’s carelessless. Baa asks why she thinks the mistake happened? The guy says don’t questions me. Sejal gives him aarti and he pretends to become fine. Baa thanks the guy for coming to their house. Anandi hugs Ratan and cries. Diwari comes out and meets the guy, asks did I do the work right.

Sejal says I taught you everything. He asks for more reward. Diwari gives him money and says I am giving you this as you punished Sejal also, which was not in my plan. The guy takes the money and leaves. She turns and sees her husband standing. Kumar confronts her for targeting Anandi and asks if she is devil or what. Ratan apologizes to the goddess and asks her to show pity on my daughter, and says I am apologizing to you, forgive my daughter and show sympathy on her.

Sejal comes there and says she will pray to the goddess. She says don’t know if Anandi will grind the moong all night or not. She says if she could do then Ramden Maa will forgive us, else don’t know what will happen. Jigar comes there and asks Anandi what is she doing here? Anandi says Baa had added ghee in the lamp and she is sitting as everyone must be eating food. Jigar asks what is special in your food.

Anandi says Baa will bring something for me. Ratan and Khim ji come there. Jigar asks Anandi to eat air and he runs. Anandi says you are troubling me and not giving me food. Ratan says once this penance is over, I will make your favorite food. Anandi asks why everyone is after me. Ratan says even I am troubling you. Anandi says I have to grind the green moong and hugs her. Jigar comes to Anandi and asks if she would like to eat jalebi. Anandi says Jalebi. Diwari comes there and scolds her for breaking the fast. Ratan comes there and wakes up Anandi. Anandi says it is my dream.

Ratan says you have to grind 3 kgs moong before 4 am. Sejal says we have to start the work. Ratan gives her water. Sejal asks Ratan to go and sleep. She says Prem ji and Khim ji went to show Baa’s report to doctor. I will be with Anandi. Anandi says they went in night. Sejal says Doctor is going abroad in the morning.

Ratan says I will be here with Sejal and Anandi. Diwari says you can’t help them. Ratan says I will stay here for my daughter. Diwari asks Sejal to keep the dal in chakki and says I will watch Anandi grinding it. Sejal asks Anandi to start. Anandi tries to pull the chakki, but she couldn’t even move and starts crying. She says it is very heavy and is not moving. She looks at the goddess and says you are punishing me and not helping me.

Anandi starts grinding the moong and smiles. Sejal is shocked. Ratan cries and looks at her. Diwari goes and brings laddoo for her. She starts eating sitting on the sofa. Sejal asks her not to eat infront of Anandi. Diwari says what I shall do, Anandi is doing her penance. Ratan asks her not to come in her talks, says she wants to make you lose. Diwari asks Ratan to concentrate on her daughter and says she might be hungry tomorrow also.

Sejal asks Anandi to start. Anandi starts grinding again. Diwari says the laddoo is so good and asks jigar to have it. Jigar is going to Diwari. Sejal stops him and says Anandi is your wife, you shall support her so that she completes this soon, and then we will have it all together. She asks Anandi to start again. Anandi grinds dal again. Suddenly she starts feeling pain in her elbow and tells that she can’t complete this penance.

voiceover: Poor people do not fail to fulfill their personal selfishness by making others’ devoutness a weapon.


Balika Vadhu 2 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ratan asks Anandi to leave it and says today she has proved her father wrong, he always says that his Anandi can do any work, but she is not his Anandi. Anandi starts grinding fast. The clock is about to strike 4.


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