Balika Vadhu 2 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 14th October 2021 Episode starts with Ratan asking Anandi what Diwari did with her. Anandi recalls Sejal asking her not to tell about sasural’s matters at home and viceversa. She tells that Diwari played with her when he sat in the kadai and swirled it, it was fun. Ratan asks are you telling me the truth.

Anandi says yes. In the morning, Ratan sees Anandi got ready and setting her room. Ratan asks her why did she wake up early and also have taken bath. She asks do you used to wake up early there in Raigarh. Anandi recalls Maadi Baa throwing water on her and asking her to get up. She says sometimes I used to wake up early, not daily. Ratan says here you can sleep late. Anandi says let me do my work. Ratan looks on.

Prem ji tells Sejal that he is missing Anandi. Sejal says even Khim ji and Ratan would have missed her, when she was here. Khim ji comes home and calls Anandi. He says he has brought her favorite breakfast. Anandi says she will serve herself. Khim ji and Ratan looks at each other. Anandi says she missed them and also school. Khim ji says I have couried your books. Anandi says I didn’t get, and that’s Kaku brought books for me.

Khim ji says its ok, now you can study here. He asks her to go and take rest now. Anandi says I can’t sit idle, Maadi Baa tells that girls shall not sit idle, tells that she will help Baa. Ratan is shocked. Chowki calls Prem ji and calls order is cancelled. Prem ji says why, how can you cancel it? The order is half ready. Maadi Baa hears him. Prem ji tells Sejal that this is happening for the first time. Maadi Baa asks him to talk to Chowki’s superior. Prem ji says now nothing can be done.

Anandi sweeps the floor in the house. Ratan recalls Anandi doesn’t know sweeping before and asks her if she used to sweep. Anandi gets tensed and says sometimes. Khim ji comes there. Ratan tells him about Anandi’s changed behavior. He says it is not a problem, if she is does house work, she is growing up.

Later Kalpesh comes home with Leela and Bhavan. Anandi comes and shows jalebis and khakra to Kalpesh and hugs him. Kalpesh says now you will tease me. Anandi teases him telling she slept with Baa. Ratan asks Leela and Bhavan to go and meet Dr. Sharda. Bhavan says ok. Dhingri comes home and gives Principal’s letter to Ratan. Ratan asks Kalpesh to read the letter. Kalpesh says if Anandi doesn’t go to school in three days, then her name will be removed from school. Anandi comes and hugs Dhingri.

She says I will study and come to school. Dhingri is surprised. Anandi tells Ratan that she has forgotten the books in Prem ji Kaku’s house. Ratan says you have forgotten books while eloping from there. Anandi says I can act to be bahu, so that’s why I thought that I can reach here too.

Later Jigar and Kanku talk to Anandi. Anandi tells that she has so much to study and tomorrow is the test too. Jigar says you will fall asleep soon. Anandi says she will study. Kanku tells that Prem ji Mama has brought phone for her. She says she has an idea to make her awake to study. Anandi is studying in night.

Prem ji gets a call that the factory caught fire. He calls Lakha Kumar. They leave. Maadi Baa prays to the goddess to protect their house and factory. Later Prem ji comes home with Lakha Kumar. Diwari says loss is loss, and scolds the watchman. Prem ji hugs Moti Baa and cries.

Anandi greets Ratan next morning. Ratan asks what happened to my Anandi, she used to make excuse when there is a test. Lakha Kumar says fire was set off, but all our stuff got burnt. Prem ji tells Moti Baa that they are ruined, their years long hardwork got wasted. Maadi Baa says Bhagyalakshmi went and took your destiny with her. She tells Moti Baa and Prem ji that Anandi is Bhagyalakshmi of this house, as she went from here, everything started ruining here.


Balika Vadhu 2 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Maadi Baa asks Prem ji to bring Anandi back. Anandi tells that she will not go back. Prem ji decided to bring Anandi back home.


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