Balika Vadhu 2 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 11th November 2021 Episode starts with Maadi Baa asking Kanku why did she go to market? Anandi says you didn’t ask her not to go and says Kanku was worried that how we will celebrate Diwali with diyas and rangoli. Jigar asks why did you send me, as some guys are laughing?

Maadi Baa says they are mad and appreciates Jigar and Kanku. Someone sends the gifts for all the family members. Maadi Baa asks who sent it? She asks Sejal. Sejal says she didn’t know. Anand comes there and says we shall check the gifts, and tells that these gifts are sent by his Mom and buddy. He reads the note with his clothes and says Mom requested all of you to wear these clothes and send her pictures.

He asks her to open the gifts. Everyone looks at the clothes. Diwari says I never worn this. Anandi says this is different from ghagra choli. Maadi Baa says we all will wear the dresses. Kanku asks Anandi to get her phone, and says Maadi Baa must have kept it in her room. Later Anandi is going to Maadi Baa’s room and breaks the vase accidentally. She goes to her room and finds mobile under her pillow. She tries to take it.

Maadi Baa turns. Anandi hides. She is about to take the mobile when Maadi Baa opens her eyes and asks why are you doing mischief late at night. Anand comes there and says you have won Anandi. Maadi Baa says what? Aannd says I taught her new game, truth and dare and asked her to touch you and come back. Maadi Baa says you both are playing late at night. Anand says I had given her this dare in evening and she is doing it now.

Maadi Baa scolds him and asks them to go and sleep. Anand goes. Anandi also goes out. She tells Anand that she had gone there to take Kanku didi’s phone. Anand says I can’t even imagine that I can stay away from my phone even for 5 mins. Anandi says what to do, Kanku didi might be worried and promised her that I will get her phone. Anand says I will help you. She asks him to promise surely. Anand promises her truly and holds her hand. The inhouse temple is shown.

Sejal gets ready in salwar suit. Diwari comes there wearing the gown. Maadi Baa comes there wearing the designer saree. Diwari says we shall change our clothes. Prem ji and Lakha Kumar also come there wearing kurta pajama. Jigar comes there wearing suit. Anandi comes there wearing the dress. Sejal says she is looking lovely. Anand comes there and says everyone is looking good and shining like a bright star.

He says I will click your pics and will send to Mom and Buddy. He asks Maadi Baa to say cheese. Maadi Baa asks what is missing? Jigar says he is asking you to smile. Maadi Baa smiles. Anand takes the pics. Everyone stand together. He asks them to come closer and stand in style. He takes the pics. He says selfie time now, and takes selfie with Maadi Baa and others. Anandi misses her parents seeing everyone happy.

Anand holds her hand and asks her not to be sad during Diwali. He clicks her selfie with him. some cooks come and wish them happy Diwali. Maadi Baa says today everyone’s favorite food, will be made and asks where is Kanku? Diwari says yes, where is she? Anandi says she is very worried, as her project is not completed. Anand looks at her. Diwari says it should be done by now. Anandi says but it haven’t happened, as Maadi Baa took her phone and forgot to return. Maadi Baa goes.

Sejal asks Anandi and Jigar to light the diyas together. Jigar gets a call and goes. Anand comes there and asks her if she wants to have a bite. Anandi says I am lighting the diyas now. He asks if food is not allowed while lighting diyas. Anandi tastes Gujiyas and says it is tasty as Baa makes it. She misses her mother and keeps back the Gujiya. He asks her to smile and think that it is made by your Baa. Anandi smiles.

Voiceover: The child whose tenderness of heart compels him to turn the moist eyes of another into a smile, that child grows up to definitely becomes a source of inspiration for everyone.

Balika Vadhu 2 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anandi promotes the show’s change timing from 15th November.Precap: While everyone is burning crackers. Anandi saves Anand and gets hurt in the process. Prem ji is about to take her to hospital.


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