Balika Vadhu 2 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 10th September 2021 Episode starts with Prem ji asking Khim ji to get ready for Anandi’s Gauna. Khim ji says what are you saying and reminds of his promise that he will not take Anandi until they grow up. Prem ji says he will take back his Anandi and calls for her. Ratan says what are you saying? She gets shocked and falls down. Prem ji and Khim ji run to her. Prem ji says I told that in anger, I will not take Anandi now. Anandi comes to Naag ji’s house. Hetal opens the door.

Anandi tells that they have left something yesterday. Hetal says they have thrown all the garbage they have kept here. Naag ji comes and tells that after whatever she has done with him, he will not allow her, but his heart is big and is not like Prem ji. He asks her to take her stuff and leaves. Anandi goes to the terrace and searches for the paanedar/bridal dress. She finally gets it. Hetal asks did you get, now leave. Anandi leaves. Khim ji tells Prem ji that he will bring Anandi back home. Anandi comes home and shows the paanedar. Ratan hugs her and asks why did you go there?

Anandi says I went there as Bapu doesn’t want to go there. She says she didn’t feel like staying there as this is her house now. Khim ji asks if anybody told her anything. Anandi says no. Prem ji looks at Anandi and calls her. Anandi hugs him. Diwari argues with Kumar. Baa says it is enough of her fights. She goes inside and slaps Diwari for behaving badly with her husband and asks did I give you these values. Diwari says don’t talk about values as you got married to me when I was 15 years old. Kumar asks Baa to come from here. Diwari says you have ruined my life, go and live peacefully, don’t care about me. Baa is shocked.

Anandi tells Prem ji about her school. Ratan asks Khim ji to tell Prem ji that they will not do Anandi’s Gauna now, and will do it when she is grown up. Khim ji says I will talk to him. Prem ji talks to Khim ji and says Magan Kaka took Babu to America as he was going with his son. He says Babu is the first person to go to foreign. Khim ji says it is a big thing. He says I want to talk to you. Kalpesh comes there. Ratan asks him to go as they are talking.

Baa recalls Diwari’s accusations and gets heart attack. She faints and falls down from the bed. Khim ji tells Prem ji that Ratan and I feel…Anandi comes there wearing the dress brought by Prem ji and asks how am I looking? Ratan says very beautiful. Anandi says I will wear it on Navratri. Prem ji says I will bring more dresses for you. Anandi gets happy. Jigar and Gopal come to Baa and ask her to get up. Sejal calls Diwari and Lakha Kumar. Kumar and Sejal make Baa lie down on the bed.

Diwari comes there and looks on. Jigar calls Doctor. Sejal calls Prem ji, but he is not picking the call. Ratan asks Anandi to go and sleep. Prem ji asks Ratan to go and make her sleep, and says you will not get this chance. Doctor checks baa. Diwari holds her hand. Baa leaves her hand. Doctor says she got heart attack, nothing can be said, she needs to be admitted in the hospital. Baa asks Sejal if Prem ji came. sejal says no. Diwari says your son is not picking the call. Khim ji says Ratan and I feel that. Anandi comes back and says don’t go without meeting me. Prem ji says I will go after meeting you.

Anandi sees Prem ji’s phone ringing and gives to him. Prem ji says so many missed, it seems my wife made everyone on my duty. He calls her. Sejal says Baa got a heart attack and is unwell. She asks him to come home fast. Prem ji cries. Khim ji asks what happened? Prem ji says Baa got a heart attack, Doctor said that nothing can be said, Baa’s last wish is Anandi’s Gauna and asks him to do her gauna and asks them to fulfill his baa’s wish. He folds his hands before Ratan and Khim ji. He asks them to speak up. Khim ji and Ratan are shocked.

Prem ji is taking Khim ji, Ratan, Anandi and Kalpesh in the car. He calls Sejal and asks her to make arrangements for the Gauna. Anandi asks Ratan why are we going to Kaka’s house. Ratan says Moti Baa is unwell and wants you and Jigar to play ghar ghar and marriage game with Jigar. Anandi says I will not play with Jigar and will not marry him. Prem ji asks her to do Gauna for his mother. Anandi asks what is Gauna? Ratan says when the girl is sent to her sasural from her home, it is called gauna. She says she doesn’t like Jigar. Ratan says you have to just act. Khim ji says yes. Anandi asks if Jigar will become the groom. Khim ji says ok. Anandi says I will do it for Moti Baa else wouldn’t have become jigar’s bride. She says tomorrow is holiday for me and asks what clothes she shall wear tomorrow. Ratan asks her to sleep.

Voiceover: In the quagmire of lies, many times the parents, even without wanting to do so, commit the cruelty of emotionally exploiting the children.


Balika Vadhu 2 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ratan asks Anandi to get ready for her Gauna. Anandi cries as she leaves. She steps in Prem ji’s house with Jigar.


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