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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 9th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 9th May 2022 Episode starts with Krish seeing the camera feed. Adi comes and meets Krish. He says I m tracking everyone who is coming here. Adi says Ram agreed to send Priya. Krish says with Shubham, do you trust him. Adi says I trust Ram a lot. Krish asks Shubham? You don’t seem to trust him.

Adi says I trust him, but I don’t like him. Krish says I would like to know why, but not today, they will leave soon. Priya gets ready and applies the sindoor. Ram comes and helps her in adornment. bade acchhe….plays…

She says you were worried about the bangles, its mum’s blessing, don’t worry, everything will be fine with us. She says we should tell Varun and Sara about this, once I come back. Ram gives her a mic. He fixes it to her dress. Tum jo milgaye….plays…

They have a moment. He says I m ready to say this since a long time, after meeting that manager, if you think your life is in danger, then remember someone else will die before you, you know why, because I love you Priya, I can’t live without you. He hugs her. They cry. She says Shubham and Priya would be waiting.

He stops her. She says you were saying I have full right on you. He says I like it when you show your rights on me, its my right to protect you. She says nothing will happen to me, we have Adi and Shubham with us also. He says yes,

I m happy seeing Shubham, dad would have got happy seeing him become so responsible. He talks of his dad. She says we are close to the destination, we will catch the culprit, I promise I m with you. He says its your way to say I love you, right. She turns to go. He hugs her and says I didn’t do all the best.

She says its said, not done. He holds her. Shubham comes. They get away. He says Shivi made something for you, you are the chief guest, you will have it fast. Priya says she worked hard. Ram says I will have it. Shubham says I can’t eat it. She tells her plan. Ram thinks Shubham is helping me, Shivi is cooking for me and Priya is with me, I wish everything stays the same. Varun switches off the lights.

Shubham goes to check. Varun hears the man saying Ram’s room light got off, check. Varun says I had to switch off the lights of presidential lights. Ram says something is wrong. Priya says calm down, Shubham go and check. Shubham says yes. Ram says tell them that its my resort, I bought it, I have to shift the luggage to presidential suite. Shubham goes. Ram says Priya you aren’t going. She asks him to relax,

and have water. She says I will talk to Krish. She calls Krish and says our room light is gone. Krish says I feel something is wrong, Varun hides there. Krish says I want to know if Shashi is here. Varun thinks what will I do now. He leaves. Krish says I will check and tell you.

Everyone likes the arrangements. Ishaan thinks Shivi will get punished. Priya asks Ram to relax. He says just our room light had gone. She says Krish is smart and intelligent, he will handle it. Ram says you are praising him a lot.

She says he is really smart, every girl used to like him, their BFs used to make such faces, I get it. He says nice, even then you will torture me. They smile. Shubham says your stuff is shifted to presidential suite. Priya thanks him. He asks Nandini how is his perfect brother acting. She asks him to prove himself good in front of Ram. She talks to her sacrifice. He asks what. She asks him to watch her.

Krish says I was right, the fuse was fallen on the floor. Ram says it can’t fall on its own, it means someone did this intentionally. Nandini goes to Meera and praises Priya. they bond well. Shubham looks on. Varun is with Sara. She thinks he is lying, but why. Varun hugs Ishaan. Krish says someone is definitely upto something, I tried to check the footage but there was some technical footage,

I think Shashi is behind this, we have to meet Santosh. Ram says Priya needs to be careful. Sara goes to Priya to talk. She says its urgent. Priya goes with her. Adi comes and says I didn’t find anything, I didn’t see Shashi. Ram says its good news, right. Krish thinks maybe not, Shashi’s man has done this. Varun thinks I will do bad with Ram.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 10th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Priya feels nausea. Sandy says Ram is becoming a dad. Ram thinks I m becoming a dad. He declares Priya is pregnant. Priya is shocked. Ram dances with Shivi.

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Telecast Date:9th May 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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